After Razer Seirēn USB Digital Microphone Test & Review, it’s time to move on another Razer’s gaming mouse and mouse pad. Inexpensive, but by no means cheap. True to this motto, the American Nobel hardware manufacturer Razer is launching several gaming components at an entry-level price. What the successor of the Razer Abyssus V2 mouse in the Essential version and the matching Goliathus Chroma mouse mat have to offer, you can find out in our practical review.


Minimalism on the sceen

If you don’t necessarily need two dozen freely assignable keys, additional weights for individual balancing, the Razer Abyssus Essential offers the pure minimalism of desk rodents. The pretty little mouse is pleasantly simple and the operation with just three buttons. The 78-gram mouse is connected to a USB cable with a length of just over two meters and can be used on almost any surface without any problems thanks to the built-in optical sensor, which offers a resolution of up to 7200 dpi.

Whether wood, mouse pad or transparent plastic as a base, nothing jerks, and hooks, which would otherwise considerably disturb the enjoyment of the game. The Razer Abyssus Essential is asymmetrically shaped mouse that is equally suitable for left and right-handed users. In practice, the inexpensive piece of peripherals proves to be extremely precise, and the manufacturer awards the hyper response pushers with tactile feedback 10 million clicks. We didn’t try that to check the truth of the statement.

The world of Chroma

All right, the mouse does what it’s supposed to. And this is also precise and suitable for left- and right-handers. What the Razer Abyssus Essential has to offer as a unique selling point in the affordable price range of around $50 is the entry into the colorful world of Razer Chroma RGB lighting. In addition to the illuminated Razer logo, a light strip on the underside creates a chic underglow effect that proves to be a real eye-catcher in practice.


And as much more than a gimmick. Razer’s lighting harmonizes with other Chroma RGB-compatible devices. It creates impressive effects that provide visual feedback in games such as Tomb Raider or Destiny 2. The Razer Goliathus Chroma mouse pad is a perfect match. A soft map with microfibre coating, which can be easily bent and rolled and also has an LED light ring.

One software for all

As soon as you have connected the Razer Abyssal Essential or any other compatible hardware, the download of the Razer Synapse 3 software will start automatically. A must if you want to use more than just the standard hardware functions. If you are already using Razer peripherals, the new device will be added to the existing selection. You can more or less comfortably make individual settings via the menu selection, for example also activate a whole series of lighting options as desired and synchronize them with each other.

More or less comfortable, because unfortunately some functions are not always arranged logically in submenus and so the optimal use can sometimes turn into a lousy fiddling. But it is still a beta version of the Synapse software, so this could all be even better regarding handling. At least we hope so. And another thing has opened up for us. A user must create an account during the software installation, and a permanent internet connection is required. Despite this little deception, you can’t get around the software package if you want to use all functions.


To round off a minimalist but high-quality, entry-level Razer package, a gaming keyboard on your desk is a must. We have already recently reviewed the Razer Cynosa gaming keyboard in detail and praised the chic design and successful haptics, the pleasantly well reacting membrane technology as well as the efficient Chroma RGB lighting. With the Razer Cynosa for comparatively little money you get Razer-typical high quality, which covers the needs not only of casual gamers but also in the semi-professional area without problems. If you want more functionality and durable, mechanical handles in the housing, we can only recommend a considerably larger investment and recommend a Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.


The entry into the Chroma world of Razer couldn’t be cheaper. The two-handed mouse Razer Abyssus Essential with its bold design, but craft and ergonomically perfect shape delivers very decent quality and impresses with a chic underglow effect. Especially together with the flexible mouse pad  Razer Goliathus Chrome, a not only optically but also technically recommendable pairing for the smaller purse. The visual fireworks are rounded off with a Razer Cynosa that blends harmoniously into the overall picture.



  • 7200 DPI optical sensor
  • Razer Hypershift supported
  • Right and left-handed
  • Chroma underglow is fantastic



  • Smaller design
  • DPI switch buttons are missing
  • Without side grips