Since one week “The Sims Mobile” is now officially playable in the United States and worldwide for iOS and AndroidCan the game, which has ensured extreme popularity for the PC, also be convincing on the smartphone and tablet? We have tested the game for the first time on iOS device.


In Sims Mobile, you can create, dress and equip your own Sims. You also have the possibility to determine the profession and character of your Sims. Build relationships with all sorts of ledges around you. You can decide who you meet and how. Whether friendly or rude, whether you become friends or enemies.

This means that you can customize your Sim, its character, and profession. You can also furnish your own house with furniture, enlarge it or move it completely.



Everyone who has played the Sims for the PC knows the typical and simple user interface. With just a few clicks you had everything at a glance. Your Sim, your family, your relationships, your job and the well-being of your Sim. So you will find exactly the same user interface as on the Sims 4.

Of course, every fan of this game likes this, because it looks nostalgic and they do not need to adjust to a new menu navigation etc.. With just a few clicks you have an overview of everything on Sims Mobile. For example, you can easily change your sim, call up daily to-do’s and other important elements of the game directly without detours.

the sims mobile interface

Gaming Fun

There have been some critical voices in the run-up, which have claimed that a game like the Sims, which is very extensive and long-lasting, is not made just like for the smartphone. They argued that players of Sims 4 would have spent hours without interruption in front of the PC and that this would not be possible with smartphones and tablets.

This does not correspond to our opinion because the Sims Mobile could convince so far completely. You can always take out your smartphone and look for your Sims. Every single day you can log in and complete daily missions to earn Simoleon and other points. It is also a lot of fun to start a family and to look after them everywhere and at any time.


Unfortunately, we also have to address and remind you about the microtransactions at Sims Mobile because they are fundamental to the game. As with all EA games, you can get a premium currency with real money. These are called Sims Mobile SimCash. Besides SimCash there is also Simoleon, which you will receive during the game and cannot buy.


With SimCash you can significantly improve your Sim, your house and other elements of the game. SimCash plays a significant role in Sims Mobile. So if you really want to take full advantage of the game and get the most out of it, you have to spend money on SimCash. Without SimCash, Sims Mobile is just the “Lite” version. Which is playable, but very limited.

Soon we will publish a detailed game review of Sims Mobile on GamingFront. Stay tuned.