God of War and we can hardly let it go. We hope you guys feel the same way. If you haven’t finished the game yet, today’s special is worth five times as much. We’ll tell you our five top tips and tricks so you can enjoy your trip with Kratos and his son Atreus even better.

Don’t Forget the Ax


A simple but important tip. Remember, you must move your ax back in. Contrary to its intended use as a melee weapon, you can also use the ax of Kratos for ranged combat. This way we harm our opponents, but we can also solve environmental puzzles thanks to the ax. But to save you from the moment when you want to perform a brutal blow with your ax, but can only use your fist, let me say this much: Retract the ax. Press the triangle button, and the ax will come back, even from the furthest distance.

Silver in the Buckets


I hate to destroy beautiful works of art. Nevertheless, it is sometimes appropriate that we use real violence. If you want to improve your equipment, you’ll need cut silver. And small amounts of it can be found practically in the whole game world. While a broken attic vase does not yet make spring, we can get to know each other after the constant breaking of boxes, ornaments and the like. Enjoy a high yield of silver. Afterward, you can strength your equipment with the won cut silver. Don’t forget to look up. Often buckets with massive amounts of silver hang from the ceiling.

Listen to Atreus


It was unfamiliar at first, but after a while, we got used to it. It, of course, means Kratos’ son Atreus. The young protégé of our hero is still in his infancy when it comes to survival, but seems to be quite intelligent. While some of the dialogues between the two are only a means to an end, Atreus turns out to be a practical guidebook. Especially in the sometimes confusing fights, his heckling is worth its weight in gold. So he warns us about invading enemies so that we have enough time to prepare accordingly. Artreus also proves useful in other ways, in which he can stun our opponents with his arrows.

Flexibility is Important


God of War is adjustable and makes it needed. Perhaps you overestimate yourselves and realize a little later that it is not so much joy to let your life fifteen times in the same place. Be flexible. You can also change the display setting at any time. Throttle the game down to 1080p so that you have a full screen depending on the TV and experience a smoother game. The game is as flexible as reset points. For your part, you can also save the game at any time, so that you can plan your reappearance even more specifically for the next game session.

Search and Find

Often in games, we tend to go the fast way and to look too little to the left and right. However, especially for upgrading your skills and weapons, it is a good idea to look left and right. And hey, the game is visually stunning. So it’s worth it twice if you look at the rock face. Not only are you looking at a high-resolution game world, no, you could also find a chest.

These were our five tips and tricks on how to improve the game experience of God of War. We are already looking forward to your comments. You’ve probably also discovered a trick or two that will improve your gaming experience.