the most influental gaming consoles of all time

Video games have become the most dominant force in all of the entertainment, but how did games get to the point that they are to this very day. Our list of the Top 5 Most Influential Consoles should shed some light on the subject.

# 5.  Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 was released in October 1977. Originally known as the Atari VCS (name changed in 1982), the system is credited with popularizing the use of microprocessor-based hardware and cartridges that contained the game codes rather than an all in one system.


2600 was typically bundled with two joystick controllers, a conjoined pair of paddle controllers, and a game, initially Combat and then followed with Pac-Man. Atari 2600 can also be attributed to paving the way for Nintendo’s ultra-successful NES.

# 4. Xbox


The original Xbox was released November 15, 2001. While it ultimately had a short life-span and failed to stop Sony’s PS2 it did beat Nintendo’s Gamecube. The Xbox has to be credited with bringing online gaming into the mainstream. Xbox Live for the Xbox was the first full-fledged online console service. Today Xbox One is the undisputed leader in online gaming.

# 3. PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was released in March of 2000 to a less than stellar launch. The system was scarce and often sold for over one thousand dollars on E-Bay. Once the hardware shortages ceased the PS2 took off. To this day the PlayStation 2 has sold over 158 million consoles, making it the best-selling console of all time.


During its peak, it was announced that video games had surpassed films in terms of revenue in entertainment. This was a huge milestone for the entire gaming industry and Sony’s PS2 had a huge role in that.

# 2. Nintendo (NES)

The NES was Originally released in America in 1985. Before the NES video games were in a downturn. The popularity of the Atari 2600 had begun to wear off due to lackluster software. Then out of nowhere, Nintendo exploded on the scene. NES instantly became a huge hit with kids all over the world. Nintendo’s NES really gets credit for giving us the building blocks of the industry to this very day.


In the 80’s and early 90’s, Nintendo was synonymous with the words video games. It wasn’t “I like to play video games”, rather it was “I like to play Nintendo”. The impact that NES had in the industry will always be felt, Mario is the most iconic character in gaming to this day, it gave birth to many classic series that still are around. The list goes on and on. Nintendo is a true classic.

# 1. PlayStation

If the NES is to credited with popularizing video games, then the PS1 must be credited with laying the groundwork for making video games the most dominant force in the entertainment industry. Like the NES the PlayStation 1 became synonymous with video games, and not just for kids.


The PlayStation 1 shredded the misconception that video games were only for kids. With the PS1 we saw games take on adult issues and become cinematic. Games like Secret of Mana and Resident Evil ushered in the era of modern day gaming. Making the PlayStation 1 our most influential console of all time.