April is a strange month from a gaming point of view. It’s not a blockbuster season, and there’s not much going on when it comes to revelations, as most developers and publishers are saving their ammunition for the E3 show in June. Just the right time to put something in the spotlight even for smaller games. And of course, this includes many iOS games, many of which found their way back into Apple’s App Store last month. We have filtered out the five best beads for you and present them to you on the following list. Have fun with our Top 5 iOS Games of the month April 2018.

#5 Project Highrise

Yes, another Sim game, but we promise it’s the last one on this list. Project Highrise lets you become iPad-exclusively both architect and manager of a high-rise complex, with all the trimmings. In the old Sim Tower style, you don’t care about an entire city, but only a  house. But this is all the more detailed. In Sandbox mode, you’re free to do whatever you want and build and decorate a building according to your wishes. Shops, residential units and more can be installed here relatively freely.

Of course, you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your tenants feel comfortable. It is not always so easy, as interests can be quite contradictory. Things aren’t always going well, and it’s up to you to get things back on track and keep things going. Instead, creative problem solving is often required to prevent the worst and to find a permanent solution. There is also a scenario mode. As the name suggests, you will be thrown into a fixed scenario and have to find a way out. The presentation in Project Highrise may seem a little sterile, but the game hidden underneath is highly entertaining.

Project Highrise on the App Store

#4 Brew Town

You like beer or are a fan of Sim-Games? Then Brew Town is the right place for you. The game offers you a lot of details and depth to keep you in line on the one hand, and not to make it too easy on the other. But it is not a hardcore simulation either, but focuses on the pleasure of beer. That’s why you as a small brewer start more or less in your cellar to grow from there and take the beer world by storm.

There are a lot of parameters to work on and things to keep in mind. For example, you can decide which production units you want to build when and how on your property or invest resources in improving your recipes. Of course, you can take care of smaller details, such as the design of the bottles and labels. There is now a Sim game for almost every conceivable niche, and with Brew Town a fun genre representative for iOS has been added.

Brew Town on the App Store

#3 The Pillars of the Earth Game

The Pillars of the Earth is a monumental epic and well known among friends of books. No wonder that such work also finds its way into other media, as in this iOS game. It is the implementation of the game, which has already appeared on consoles and PC and could also convince there. But what is it? You take on the role of three protagonists, all from very different backgrounds and with different characters and priorities. In beautiful graphics, you move through an adventure, which is really grippingly written and may often make decisions in The Walking Dead-manner.

It also influences the further occurrences. Certainly, nothing for action-cracking fans and the game doesn’t want to be a hardcore adventure either, but rather to tell you a great story. It succeeds very well, and the concept of The Pillars of the Earth: The Game is, in our opinion, a complete success. If a good story sounds exciting in an incredibly atmospheric 12th-century atmosphere, you should strike out here.

The Pillars of the Earth Game on the App Store

#2 Ovivo

Okay, admittedly, we cheat a bit at Ovivo, because the game already showed up at the end of March and not in April in the App-Store. But we only discovered it last month, but we still don’t want to keep this gem from you. Ovivo is half a puzzle platform mix and half a relaxation or meditation app. Sounds strange at first, but whoever has seen the game in motion knows what we mean. The minimalist black and white graphics have their unique appeal but are also crucial for gameplay and overview while playing.

You can change the gravity, and whether you run on black or white. You can’t jump by yourself, but you have to handle this with fast changes of gravity as you move to the right or left. Despite its simplicity, the graphic is enormously atmospheric and creates an almost hypnotic effect due to its often curved and branched elements. Ovivo is based on a simple game principle and simple graphics, but that’s what makes it special because even without Eye-Candy the title can cast its spell on us.

Ovivo on the Apple Store

#1 Oddmar

We have recently played and wrote a review on Oddmar game, so it’s not surprising that the title also performs excellently in our ranking. The first thing you notice about this jumping game is the look. The adventure around the name-giving Viking Oddmar looks simply fantastic. We would even go so far as to call it one of the best graphics iOS games ever. Not from a technical point of view, since 3D games naturally have to do much more, but the art design, the animations and the colorful and detailed levels in general delight the eye of the viewer. The gameplay is also at the top. The game offers both touch control and MFi controller support. It’s no coincidence that the overall package reminds you a little bit of Rayman Adventures, and that without attracting attention or falling off negatively in comparison.

Oddmar on the App Store

In short, the new game by the Leo’s Fortune makers is one of the most beautiful iOS games ever. Anyone who still believes that only average games are on smartphones, they didn’t try to play Oddmar before. An absolute must-play title and our iOS number 1 in April 2018.