The Year of the Raven has begun in Hearthstone. It means that the latest rotation of standard cards has taken place. Our first journey of the Year of the Raven takes us into the Witchwood. Deadly beasts, worgen, ghosts, and witches live here. The latest Hearthstone expansion The Witchwood captivates us with 135 creepy new cards. Some of these cards use the new keywords Echo and Rush. Echo means you can play the same card several times in a round as long as you have enough mana. Rush, on the other hand, is a weaker version of Charge. Your Minions can attack other Minions immediately after the game, but not the enemy hero. This reflects the ferocity and aggressiveness of the worgen.

But whether worgen, eerie ghosts or frightening curses – we have ventured into this forest to unravel the secrets of enlargement. What follows is our list of the ten most fascinating Witchwood cards! These are not necessarily the best cards of the expansion, because it’s hard to see so soon after the release. Nevertheless, we present you ten cards that are fun and fabulous.

Baku the Mooneater, Genn Greymane


In our first position, we have a double entry. These two legendary cards are already icons of the new expansion. They work quite similarly. Both ask you to create a deck with only even or odd mana numbers. In return, you’ll get a reward. An improved hero power right from the start of the game. Genn Greymane lets your Hero Power cost only one mana, which means incredibly more flexibility per game round.

Baku the Mooneater upgrades your Hero power as only the Justicar Trueheart card once could. Paladins then summon two Silver Hand Recruits with each Hero Power. Hunters deal three points of damage instead of two, and warlocks can draw cards without harming themselves. The effect is powerful, and you can use it from round one. Both Baku and Genn have already created numerous new decks. Especially in Wild, the condition that you can only use cards with even or odd mana costs is not restrictive.



The card caused the most significant controversy of all time. Shudderwock is considered too powerful by many, and already now the community on Reddit screams for a nerf. This legendary card for the Shaman class repeats all the Battlecries you have activated during the game. The problem is that Battlecries are usually much too strong. A card that replicates all Battlecries has almost unlimited potential. The card is already used in some combos. And many combos feel a bit unfair.

With Saronite Chain Gang, Shudderwock doubles. Together with Grumble, Worldshaker you get a one mana version of the Shudderwock copy. In the next round you can play them again, and so the ad infinitum repeats itself. As if this wasn’t annoying enough, all the animations of the Battlecries are redone during play. Sometimes you wait five minutes or more to die finally. In this respect, we crown Shudderwock as the most potent and annoying card of enlargement.

Face Collector


As the name suggests, the Face Collector likes to collect faces for life. This card uses the new keyword Echo. It allows you to play the Face Collector several times in a round if you have enough mana. Each time you play, you will receive a random legendary card. You can even get another Face Collector! Then the whole thing can be repeated. Face Collector is especially worthwhile in slower control decks. Also in connection with the new Tess Greymane card, the Face Collector shines.

Tess Greymane


Despite numerous support cards, Burgle Rogue has never been able to establish itself. The Burgle mechanism gives the player random cards from the opponent’s class. Sometimes you get ingenious cards, sometimes scrap metal. But Tess Greymane could be the card that finally elevates this archetype to a severe deck. Tess Greymane will play all the class cards (except Rogue cards) you have used during the game. For eight mana, Tess Greymane can provide a swing turn that also secures the game. If your rogue changes to another class during the game, for example via stolen Death Knight, Tess will reactivate all rogue cards used up to that point. Tess Greymane and the Spectral Cutlass were just what the archetype needed. Despite its high power level, Tess Greymane can also be utterly useless if your opponent is a Rogue.



In addition to worgen and witches, there are also all kinds of mysterious beasts romping around in the witch forest. Chameleos is a unique creature and our new favorite card. This Minion seems weak at first glance, but don’t be fooled! Chameleos comes with a strong effect. It shows you one card in your opponent’s hand each round. It allows you to avoid traps or numerous strategies to be countered. As if that weren’t enough, you can play Chameleos. It then takes over the exact characteristics of your opponent’s face-up card. How many times have we used it to steal death knights and powerful spells! Nevertheless, it is worth holding Chameleos for as long as possible. The information about which cards your opponent is holding is immensely valuable. Especially in the arena, where the opponent’s cards are hard to predict, Chameleos give you an almost unfair advantage.

Nightmare Amalgam


If you can believe Nightmare amalgam, it’s out of everything. Nightmare Amalgam is the first card in the history of Hearthstone. It belongs to the tribe “All.” It means that this card is both a mech and a dragon, a demon, a pirate, and so on. It’s just everything. It allows numerous combos with other cards. Dragons often require you to hold a dragon in your hand to activate special Battlecries. This condition is now also fulfilled with Nightmare Amalgam. This card even promotes the interaction of several Tribes in one deck, which we didn’t see before. Nevertheless, it is a balanced card, because with all Tribes all weaknesses come along. Hungry Crab and Dragonslayer quickly kill Nightmare Amalgam.

Lady in White

Lady in White

In the pale moonlight, you catch a glimpse of the deadly Lady in White. This lady enchants all the cards in your deck with the Inner Fire spell. It will equate the attack value of all your minions with their life points. Cards with high health points, but weak points of attack, become particularly powerful. Thanks to Lady in White, old cards that no one uses could still become relevant. Even cards like Oasis Snapjaw could experience a revival because Lady in White turns the card with two attack points and seven life points for four mana into a 7/7 card. The only disadvantage is that this effect only comes into effect after your lady plays in White. So this does not work before round 6. If the lady is shy and you pull her towards the end of the game, she hardly helps you.



All in all, the Minions with the new keyword Rush only arouse warm feelings in us. Especially the Warrior Legendary turned out to be a disappointment. But some Rush Minions are indeed very interesting, and so we want to go into more detail about Ratcatcher. The Ratcatcher destroys a friendly Minion and receives his attack and defense as bonus values. Thanks to Rush, Ratcatcher is then able to take out an enemy Minion immediately. The combo possibilities are enormous. Ratcatcher is a great addition to egg minion decks with strong Deathrattles. In Wild, it could also absorb a previously buffed Minion with Power Overwhelming (+4/4).



The effect of this card you can only use via Loatheb. A five mana minion that has been in the wild for a long time. But Rebuke can be much stronger than Loatheb. Currently, Paladins mainly rely on aggro decks, which fill their game page with numerous small minions. However, you can quickly switch off these small Minions as board clears. The cards for aggro decks usually cost little mana. It makes Rebuke more suitable for such deck. Rebuke allows you to play a few minions and prevent your opponent from using a board clear in the next round for two mana.

Board clears like Flamestrike usually cost a lot. If their cost increases by five mana, they exceed ten mana and become unusable and useless. Even paladin control decks can play a strong eight mana minion and rebuke on it in round 10. It ensures that the opponent cannot react with a strong direct Removal, because this would be too expensive. All in all, Rebuke is a very flexible and powerful card that can destroy all your opponent’s plans for just two mana.

Toki, Time-Tinker


Toki gives you a legendary minion from the past as you play. It means that in standard you can get legendary cards that are only available in the game. So far, Toki, Time-Tinker is the only card in the game that makes this possible. Do you miss Doctor Boom or Ragnaros? We also like to indulge in nostalgia and think of Ragnaro’s sweet farewell words when he left the standard mode forever. But this does not have to stay that way. Play Toki and pray to Yogg-Saron that chance will bring you a mighty legendary Minion from the past! Maybe even Ragnaros. Or, if you’re unlucky, a useless card like Patches the Pirate or The Boogeymonster.

It was not easy to pick the most interesting ones from the 135 cards. We have also tried to take the new keywords into account. In addition to these cards, there are others that are particularly interesting. The only new hero card Hagatha the Witch and other unique legendary cards like Azalina Soulthief. This Witchwood never stops surprising. And if your new favorite card didn’t make it on our list, let us know in the comments.


  1. I would add Voodoo Doll and Countess Ashmore to the list. All other cards are great and belong to top 10.

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