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There are good games, there are bad games, and then there are games that just flat out suck. But you know what sometimes it doesn’t matter how much a game is bad, you still love it regardless. These are the top 10 games that are bad but we love.

#10 Blue Stinger

A Dreamcast launch a title that was plagued with a bad camera and character control, bad voice acting, and an outlandish plot. We understand why people don’t like this game. What we don’t understand is why do people criticise this game but praise certain sequels of Resident Evil game.

Blue Stinger

Those games have gone done as classics despite being arguably worse than Blue Stinger. Yet, the Resident Evil franchise branched out into a worldwide phenomenon, while this game faded away into obscurity. If you can get past the sluggish controls, and B movie style plot and effects you have a moderately fun and (for the most part) competently made RPG shooter. While it’s not Bioshock it’s still fun.

#9 BioShock 2

Speaking of BioShock, BioShock 2 was another game that received a large amount of hate mainly for its multiplayer. So much so that the BioShock Collection on PS4 and Xbox One didn’t even include it in the final product. But hey who cares if the multiplayer sucked it was still a fun 8-10 hours of single-player experience with multiple endings.

Bioshock 2

We will admit, having to play the game 3 times just for 3 slightly different endings was a bore. The novelty of playing as a Big Daddy wore off pretty quickly but at the end of the day, it was a fun game that at least tried to build on what was the original game’s story.

#8 Wolfenstein 2009

A failed reboot of the franchise with awful character development and an overly long drawn out campaign. Not to mention the needlessly large hub world. While the Wolfenstein 2009 story wasn’t very memorable, and the multiplayer was absolutely abysmal.

Wolfenstein 2009

It still had some value to it. Being able to use mythical powers to enhance your destructive capabilities was fun for a while. The boss fights were challenging and fun. If only Raven got to make a sequel we’re sure with the new technology available now they would do a great job.

#7 Sonic Shuffle

A fun party game with terrible load times.The main reason why most people don’t like this game is that, unlike most part games, Sonic Shuffle doesn’t let you play a mini-game whenever you want. Well, that’s not entirely true. You can play a mini-game whenever you want, you just have to unlock all of them first.

Sonic Shuffle

I remember when I was a kid trying to unlock all the mini-games only to never get the final one it was annoying as hell. Still, there is fun to be had if you’re willing to just play the game normally and hope you stumble across a mini-game you like. Or you could just download a save file for the game where everything is unlocked.

#6 Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors

A strategy game based on the world’s #1 action cartoon, what has the world come to. But seriously as far as strategy games based on anime go this is one of the most memorable. While the repetitive music can get annoying and the card-based combat made me feel like I was playing Pokemon.

Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors

We were surprised at how much the developers were able to put onto a single GBC cartridge. While it may not be the deepest strategy game at least it was playable. We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t a die-hard Dragon Ball Z fan. However, if you are, give it a try.

#5 Nightmare Ned

A graphic rich, yet gameplay poor platformer this mundane kids game based on an unknown TV series got almost no press when it came out for windows 95 in 1997. Yet everyone who we talked to at the time seemed to think it sucked. It was an incredibly hard game. You had to beat it using 9 or fewer level exits or you wouldn’t get the true ending.

Nightmare Ned

While the combat (if it can be called that) consists of you throwing your yo-yo at enemies. The graphics were (at the time) a feast for the eyes. Unlike Final Fantasy 7 this game utilized 3D polygons in a 2D background and made them look appealing. If only it got a console port then maybe it could have started its own franchise.

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (GameCube, PS2, Xbox)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

Most people only bought this for the unlockable arcade version of Turtles in Time. It was still a relatively fun action game. As far as licensed games go you could do much worse. This was back when Konami actually cared about making a good product before. Well, you know this.

#3 Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow never dies

Another flawed yet fun shooter for the original PlayStation, this game was almost good. Admittedly if it weren’t for the Bond license this game would have sucked even more. But I’ll take a fun yet flawed shooter starring James Bond over this piece of garbage any day of the week.

#2 Nights Journey of Dreams

An extremely underrated game that is actually good.

Nights Journey of Dreams

The only reason why it’s on this list is that most people say it’s bad but we don’t see anything horribly wrong with it. Sure it looks like a Gamecube game, and the characters aren’t the most expressive or unique, but at the time it was for me at least a well-made action game that appealed to all ages.

#1 Sonic and the Secret Rings

My first Wii game. Back in 2007, I got this game after seeing a review online, as well as a GamePro review scoring the game a 3.8/5.

While I may have been naive at the time, I recently went back and played this game. And you know what it still had some value to it. The level’s design is simply great and did a great job as serving as a demo game for the Wii.

The plot was all over the place and made no sense but the cutscenes were well made. The stat boosters were fun to play around with. You got to customize Sonic with different abilities that you could experiment with. Also being able to slow down time ala Max Payne in a Sonic Game was really fun.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

I think the reason why most people gave this game such a low score at the time was the mini-games. They were bad. Still, the core gameplay was fun and the music was really catchy. SEGA was on the right track to creating a fun spinoff trilogy called “the Storybook series.” It’s just a shame SEGA had to blow it all up with the second game Sonic And The Black Knight.

Well, those are the Top 10 games that are pretty much bad but we love. You can also check what are the Top 10 games of 2017 or what are the best games of 7th console generation. Who knows, maybe you would like some of those.

Feel free to comment down below what games you think are bad, but you love anyway.


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