Supercell is perhaps the largest and most popular game developer for iOS and Android games. The Finnish company is responsible for hits such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale. Within a few years, they were not only able to establish themselves in the gaming industry but also to get a big piece of the cake. The Finns, who were founded in 2010, left the usual suspects such as Electronic Arts (Sims, FIFA, Star Wars Battlefront etc.), Square Enix or Activision behind them.

We have compiled the best games from Supercell for you.

Clash of Clans


Probably the most popular game for iOS and Android, which caused a worldwide sensation. The strategy game was the first and probably the biggest hit of Supercell. Clash of Clans or CoC was released in August 2012 for iOS and in October 2013 for Android. It can be played in both single-player and multiplayer mode. In the Google PlayStore alone, it has received over 42 million ratings so far. Some voices also claim that clash of clans has changed the entire gaming industry. It showed how well the “Free-To-Play” and “Freemium” system can work. Since then, more and more Free-To-Play games have appeared in the iOS and Android Store. Supercell has only released Free-To-Play games to date.

Clash Royale


The latest game from Supercell released completely for iOS and Android. Since March 2016, players from all over the world have had the chance to compete against each other at Clash Royale. With multiple game modes and enhancements, it is not only an improved version of CoC but also offers much more fun to play. It is the second most popular game of Supercell and can reach the big brother “Clash of Clans” the water. It was able to import over a billion in just one year. This also shows how much money can be made with micro-transactions.

Boom Beach


It was released in Canada in November 2013 in the soft launch and then in March 2014, it was fully globalized. Boom Beach is also a strategy game where iOS and Android players can play against each other. Despite its extreme popularity, the pirate style Boom Beach could never really get close to Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, which was released later.

Hay Day


The answer to the game Farmville. It was released in June 2012 for iOS and in November 2013 for Android. At Hay Day, players can manage their own farm, breed animals and grow food. The multiplayer game ranked number 4 in the ranking, out of the games that generated the most revenue in 2013. Neighborhoods allow players to support each other and chat with each other. So it’s much more of a match than a clash royalty match.

What games to expect in the future?

The game Brawl Stars for iOS and Android is currently being tested in Canada. When it will finally be released in Europe is still open. Since July 2017 Brawl Stars has been available for iOS players in Canada. With a few tricks, you can already play it on your iPhone or iPad – even if you are in Europe.

So far the game has performed very well, but they are constantly expanding and improving it. It is as popular as Clash Royale before it was finally released worldwide. When it will appear on the Play Store and App Store worldwide is in our opinion only a matter of time. Whoever wants the latest information about Brawl Stars can go to the official subreddit of Brawl Stars and Supercell and communicate with the developers themselves.

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