With 7.1 Dolby Surround sound, high-quality 50mm neodymium magnets, instant wireless connection and a powerful battery, the new “Thresher” gaming headsets from Razer prove to be accurate equipment giants. We will cover everything in detail here like we did in our latest test for the Razer Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboard. In this test, we took a close look at the sound quality and wearing comfort.


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When the massive, neatly oversized box of the “Razer Thresher Ultimate” in the PS4 version reached us, we already got quite shining eyes in anticipation. After all, the packaging should contain a genuine premium product. At least that’s what the advertising department of the American manufacturer of high-end hardware says. And with an average street price of $249.99, we honestly expect a lot. So let’s get to the box and see what it delivers.


Positive first impression

In addition to the actual headset, which we will add more detail, there is the 7.1 Surround Sound Hub in a stylish cut-off pyramid shape. Two Micro-USB cables. An optical connection cable for excellent listening pleasure. A short but more than adequate manual as well as a headset stand quickly plugged together from two parts.

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The first inspection of the headset gives rise to haptic pleasures. With just under 400g, not a direct lightweight and with the dimensions of 196 mm (W) * 214 mm (H) * 104.8 mm (D) somewhat bulky to call, the fox shark, nestles gently and securely to the head. The replaceable, synthetic leather covered ear cushions made of memory foam are soft, eliminate disturbing ambient noises, and the flexible steel frame allows you to find the perfect sitting position for every circumference of the skull.

The headset firmly fixes and is merely comfortable. The consistently positive first impression is somewhat clouded by the joints of the auricles, which you can rotate through 90 degrees. These are made of thin plastic and will probably be a predetermined breaking point after a violent movement or a fit of rage after a lost match.

Since we are careful with our things, however, we can only mention this as our personal gut feeling. Too bad, there would have been a little more metal in the price.


Connection searched and quickly found

Just for your information, we tested the model for the PlayStation 4, if you own an Xbox One, use the 99% identical Thresher model with green instead of blue applications.

However, the stereo operation is also possible on other devices, although it is incomprehensible that a standard jack plug has been dispensed with so that only USB and the optical output are available as connections. The model also does not have Bluetooth functionality.

Surround sound can also be accessed on the PC if the corresponding selector switch on the back of the hub you find as changed. The connection to the PlayStation 4 is straightforward. The hub’s connection to the PS4 via USB and the optical cable. The selector switch sets nicely to the Sony position, and that’s it. If the device is not directly recognized, the quick guide meticulously shows the few necessary settings in the PS4 system to which it could hook.

It’s as easy to connect a PC, and we sit back and relax. The range of the radio connection specified by the manufacturer at 12 meters is no exaggeration. If there are not precisely meter-thick reinforced concrete walls between the lift and headset, the connection is not clouded even at such a great distance.


Proper equipment

The headset is switched on via a power button on the right auricle. A small LED directly above indicates the current energy status, which is shown by a flashing red light when the battery is low.

Otherwise, it glows blue to calm you down. You can charge it with a micro-USB cable, which is connected to the “Thresher” and the hub. So it’s best to stand on the stand with the headset during breaks. But don’t worry about a long time-out, after a maximum of four hours of charging the full capacity is available. And that’s 16 hours, we’ve tried that. If you play longer in a row, you should remember to take a break anyway.

Operating elements are two wheels for the volume of the loudspeakers and the microphone. You can lower them into the right auricle. By pressing the wheels, you activate the respective mute function, and also silent the microphone or loudspeaker.

A real sound miracle

So far everything is in the green range concerning equipment and comfort, but what sound do the 50mm neodymium magnets bring to the ears? The answer is crystal clear sound and brute bass. Even without the possibility to create your sound profiles.


The “Thresher” provides a well-balanced sound balance. It doesn’t come into play in the hammering sounds of action games such as “God of War,” “Far Cry 5” or “A Way Out.” Nor with more balanced sound backdrops, such as the newly mixed soundtrack of “Final Fantasy XII” or the electro beats of “Wipeout The Omega Collection.”

The spatial effect of the 7.1 Dolby Surround sound is excellent to name and merely to listen to a few pieces of music is an audiophile pleasure. If there weren’t the limited connection possibilities, a terminal device with only a jack plug or you can’t use Bluetooth. We’d be walking around with the huge part of our heads.


The “Razer Thresher Ultimate” is the best headset we have tested so far. The hardware delivers excellent surround sound with extreme spatial depth and location of noise sources. It is an essential criterion for headset selection, especially in the professional e-sport sector.

Even when used as headphones for pure music enjoyment, the powerful 50mm neodymium magnets do not allow themselves any audible weaknesses. Together with the high wearing comfort, which does not cause any aching ears even after several hours of constant ducking and the pleasantly high running performance of the batteries, we can only make a crystal-clear recommendation.

What we find contrary is the lack of a standard jack plug, which limits the connection options to USB and optical output, as well as the plastic joints of the auricles, which seem to be waiting to act as a predetermined breaking point during a moderate attack of rage.

Also, the premium headset also has a premium price and, at around $250, is a strain on the budget. Nevertheless, in our opinion, this is a rock-solid investment that pays off.


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