After excellent Razer OSVR HDK 2 Virtual Reality Headset test, it’s time for the big test and review of the Razer Seirēn with new “Far Cry 5,” “The Order 1886,” and “Batman: Arkham Knight.” We’ll tell you if you should start your million dollar YouTube career with this aluminum giant. “Razer Seirēn” desktop microphone huge test and review.



  • Excellent wireless performance
  • Good build quality
  • Ambidextrous design suitable for both left- and right-handers
  • Chroma lighting offers nearly limitless customization options



  • Laser sensor not as good as optical one
  • Expensive
  • Not the best for palm grip

The last days I spent testing The Order 1886. A game as beautiful and sharp as you will rarely experience on PlayStation 4. It is not only the armor and its steel reflected in the sun, the finely crafted emblems of King Richard the Lionheart and the blue fabrics that provide the basis for the uniforms of the order. But also the unusual degree of realism.

When you throw a grenade, and an explosion drowned out the barking of the weapons, it doesn’t fizzle out into the void, but the grey veil covers your TV picture and creates a great immersion. I can’t tell you much more, only on Friday we can offer the review for the hot PS4 blockbuster.

But “The Order” has a lot in common with our test for the Razer Seirēn today. The first studio microphone of the Californians is just as elegantly crafted and made with love as Ready at Dawn’s work.


Razer doesn’t use plastic like many of its competitors’ products. Instead, they deliver a huge, high-quality microphone placed into a solid aluminum slingshot foot. The high weight has a practical sense, so you can’t get in danger of shifting it while playing. If you want, you can also loosen the screws and attach the microphone to a micro-arm. For professional PS4 Twitchers or Let’s Players we recommend it because you can adjust the microphone directly in front of your mouth. However, the recording quality is outstanding. You can also sit on the couch and put the microphone on the table. The recording is still correctly leveled.

Razer Seirēn: Design in One Piece

The Seirēn is not massive. It is amazingly large with dimensions of 35 x 20.4 x 16.6 centimeters. The quality is Razer-typical first-class. The Californians only use high-quality materials. Nothing is creaking, and there is also stability. Since the microphone is attached to itself in an anchorage, it can also be rotated through 360 degrees, so that it can be aligned directly forward or halfway up. The body is entirely in black and manufactured in one piece, only two silver rings at the top and bottom surround the casing with the luminous Razer logo. Now quickly connect the two-meter-long micro-USB cable, download the Razer Synapse software and off you go.

Live Soundcheck: More Security for Youtubers

monitor voice real time seiren mic

The most prominent challenge when recording YouTube videos is the optimal leveling of the sound. To prevent oversteering and understeering, you can connect any standard headset or headphones directly to the 3.5-jack connector on Seirēn. The advantage is evident if you don’t have to go via your PC or notebook. Check the sounds straight on the device itself. You will get a latency-free, very natural reproduction of your voice. The high-quality aluminum microphone can also be used to adjust the headphone volume and microvolume directly. Of course, such subtleties can also be corrected on average with the appropriate software. But the more professionally and finely structured you work directly during the recording, the less work you ultimately have to invest on average.

Real HD 192 Khz/24 Bit Recording

The specs read very impressively. You can switch from 44.1 to 192 kHz in the Razer Synapse software and choose between 16-bit and 24-bit recordings. 192 kHz is similar to what professional studio microphones Rode use. So these are very decent values. Razer uses 14 mm diameter condenser capsules to cover various topics. The different capacitors can be connected directly to the upper rotary wheel, thus optimizing the sailing for the multiple fields of application. As a YouTuber and let’s player you should use the cardioid version because then the microphone only picks up your mouth frontally. As well as sounds coming from the left or right side, you should park the mic next to your keyboard as a PC player.


The cardioid technology is reminiscent of a kind of loudspeaker line. There are also interconnected different individual microphones along an axis, with which you can optimally adjust recording sensitivity. It will give you a noticeable sound without the noise and pops that often occur when recording with gaming headsets. So you don’t have to sit right in front of it, which is especially tricky in a PC game. If you want to record podcasts, you use omnidirectional sound. Because then sounds from all directions are captured. That’s what might be interesting for Youtube or Twitch video game streamers. If you record bidirectionally, you can sit at the other end of the table and record frontally. It only works with a small table, where you sit quite close to each other, but for podcasts, this is a solution.

Is Seirēn Suitable as a Studio Microphone?


The ultimate endurance test for any microphone is the recording of instruments, so we invited a few friends and built up a small choir. Including two electric guitars and one acoustic guitar. Does micro newcomer Razer also master this task? Yes, it’s quite all right if you position the Razer quite high and play close. Generally, of course, the recording software also makes a big difference. Mac users should use Garageband and PC players should use the free Audacity. Surprisingly, Audacity has delivered the best quality in all disciplines, better even than professional recording software.


The Seirēn is aiming at prospective Youtube or very ambitious Twitch users. The price point of around 230 US dollars is not exactly cheap. In return, however, you get a fantastically crafted product that does much more on your desk than professional Rode microphones and records very neutrally. Razer deliberately does not build in big gimmicks but concentrates on the optimal sound quality of your recordings. Besides, the whole design is very well thought-out. At first, we were surprised why Razer chose a 35-centimeter-high giant. But it makes sense because many microphones have significant problems with the rattling of your keyboard.


That’s no problem for console players. You won’t be playing “The Order 1886” at your desk. But especially those who play with a mechanical keyboard like the Cynosa Chroma (here is the Cynosa Chroma Test) or similar model, will notice very loud clattering in the background of his recording, which is difficult to filter out. So hats off. Excellent job Razer! Impressive how the Californians hit the bull’s eye with their debut microphone.