Razer hardware in the budget range, is that something? We took a closer look at the Razer Cynosa gaming keyboard with rubber dome technology and Chroma RGB lighting and tell you what you can expect for just under $59 regarding quality and features.



  • RGB lighting (Per-Key)
  • Very affordable
  • Synapse 3 software is highly customizable and intuitive to use



  • No mechanical keys
  • Keycaps prone to shine
  • Uninspired build quality

The keyboard model of the US-American hardware forge Razer is available in two, almost identical variants. The only difference between the Cynosa Chroma, tested here, and the Cynosa Chroma Pro is the underbody illumination.

If you would like to illuminate your desk completely, you can choose the version that is about $60 more expensive and not only can each key shine separately in the colors of your choice but also the floor and side areas, divided into 24 green zones, blink, glow or breathe colorfully.


Underglow Lightning, Razer calls this effect of floor lighting, which is used for the first time on a manufacturer’s keyboard. Purists who want to set the WASD keys apart from the overall appearance concerning color at most can also courageously choose the cheaper variant. The technical data and other features are the same. Otherwise, there are no other differences between the Cynosa versions.

Ready for Immediate Use

The contents of the Razer-typical poison green-black packaging are arranged. Apart from the actual keyboard, which appears in a compact 105-key standard layout, i.e., equipped with a separate numeric keypad, and a brief printed manual, there is nothing to unpack. The connection to the PC is correspondingly simple. It merely consists of plugging in the 1.80 m long and rubberized USB 2.0 cable.


Nothing more is necessary, because the configuration download software in the current version, with which optional fine-tuning can be carried out, starts automatically. But more about that in a moment. Because of the low price, you have to do without a wrist-rest or a transport bag as add-ons. It is no real obstacle, as the Cynosa can operate continuously without the need for additional storage. And also without tiring the hands too quickly. Even with the supports folded out, the keyboard, weighing 900g, does not stand on the table at an unusually steep angle. It allows you to reach the keys comfortably.

Smooth Pressure

Let’s get to the technology. Razer relies on rubber dome or membrane technology and does not use expensive mechanical switches for cost reasons. They use haptically appealing plastic keys with concave surfaces. Chroma have a pleasant long pressure path and a very noticeable pressure point. Some rounds of Destiny¬†confirm the full usability in competitive games. There is nothing to complain about the accuracy and speed of the control.


For example, there’re also features such as anti-ghosting and ten key rollover. Also, it allows you to press several keys simultaneously without swallowed up entries in the hectic pace. However, eSport professionals will certainly not want to do without the advantages of mechanical pushers. The Cynosa Chroma is always suitable for domestic use and casual gaming. Other features include media control and backlight intensity changes. You can switch to gaming mode and on-the-fly record macros using the function keys. Everything you do is quickly, even without separate control buttons.

And There is Light

More than a mere gimmick. Chroma RGB lighting is hard to find in this price range. Effects such as breathing, fire or pulsing you can set for the entire keyboard in 16.8 million colors. Each key you can also illuminate separately for individual enjoyment. It is made possible by the brand-new Razer Synapse 3 software. It automatically lands on your computer after a 250 MB download after connecting the PC hardware. In our opinion, the appearance and structure of the interface can still get more work. The color display on the screen is a mixture of ugly and unreadable.


The search for the desired function sometimes annoying. But from the Chroma control to the dedicated macro recording and the free function assignment of the keys, everything that the gamer’s heart desires and needs are there. Chroma profiles for many games, like Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts¬†or Infernium, are already integrated, and when the game takes over the color control and dips your keyboard and the whole desk in suitable color play, then this already provides an extreme atmosphere.


Chic design and successful haptics. Pleasantly well-reacting membrane technology and the effective Chroma RGB lighting. The entry into the Razer world will not be cheaper for you. If you’re not a pro in gaming and you’re not going from one tournament to the next, the Razer Cynosa offers you Razer-typical high quality for comparatively little money. It easily covers the needs of casual gamers. If you want more functionality and durable, mechanical handles in the case, we can only recommend a much larger investment and recommend a Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.


  1. This is a great keyboard. I believe you wrote already on similar Corsair K63. Both are nice and practical to use.

  2. Razer is becoming a giant step by step considering PC hardware. Already got headset and i must say it’s a killer gaming headset.

    • The best deal for Cynosa Chroma you can get from Amazon. Which you can find in the link provided here in the post. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  3. Pretty much is all true what did you said in the review. Not bad keyboard, but there are better better keyboards like Corsair’s.

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