gt sport

Gran Turismo Sport has been running the test season since its release in November 2017. Every day, players have the opportunity to race and score points in two different championship tournaments, the FIA GT Nations Cup and the FIA GT Manufacturer Series. At the end of the week, it will be evaluated how many points the respective driver has collected. It requires players to participate in the championship races every day to get as many points as possible.

The races consist of a free practice session, a qualifying session, which is held together with the other participants and of course the actual main race. The test season will soon come to an end, and eSports will be entered completely. Drivers from all over the world will then have the chance to compete for real prizes on the race track.


In our opinion, this is the right step. For months we have seen how the developers have improved the game more and more and made it more suitable for eSport. The penalty system, which is crucial for online racing, has been significantly improved. Along the way, tracks, vehicles and even entire game modes have been added and improved. It is a brilliant move by the developers to make the game entirely eSport capable before they start with the actual eSport. It can’t be said for example of manufacturers like EA, who send a game plagued with bugs, Pay To Win and other bugs into eSport with FIFA18.

Here you will find tips and tricks for GT Sport to improve your lap time and become more successful in online races!