Never before has the desire been greater than in 2017 to make a game console something unique, with stickers, skins, and covers (e. g. made of silicone or aluminum) becoming more popular than ever. What is it about this trend?

What is well known and popular with PC gamers is still in its infancy with console players. Who doesn’t know them? The epic pictures of PC gamers, with colorful setups, cool colorful fans, awesome gaming keyboards and gamer mice. Whoever is a gamer wants to be recognized as such. Not infrequently because such accessories are used in eSport itself. This trend has been spreading since last year and now also affects console players. For example, you can buy PS4 skins, Xbox One stickers or Nintendo Switch covers.

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Skins and stickers are available for almost every console. It is not only great that the console can be customized but also to what extent this is possible. There are thousands of different designs, patterns, and motifs from popular films, series, anime or games. For example, you can buy unique Nintendo Switch skins and stickers in the style of Zelda, Pokemon or other Nintendo classics. Decorate your console as you like.

Designing your console the way you want it has never been easier

PS4, Switch, and Xbox One Skins are probably the best way to make something special out of your console. You don’t have to unscrew your game console or change anything. On the contrary. You simply stick your PS4, Switch or Xbox with the PVC sticker. What you need is a little skill and patience. In just a few minutes you can add your own personal touch to your PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox. For example, you can add a Star Wars or FIFA 18 look to your console. There are no limits.

PlayStation 4 Stickers and Xbox One Skins are available in all variations

But how durable are these stickers? After all, these are only stickers that are installed on the PS4 or Xbox One. Depending on how long you play, your console may heat up. Excessive heating could cause the stickers to lose their durability and become detached. Therefore, it is important that you follow the steps correctly. This means you should clean the surface of your game console beforehand (free from dust). Such cleaning kits are usually included in the package. To ensure durability, it is also necessary that you properly adjust your PS4 or Xbox One. Good ventilation can prevent excessive overheating. Do not store your console in confined spaces and keep a good distance between the walls and the fan.

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Also available for the PS4 Pro, Xbox One Slim, and Xbox One X

If you think it’s just limited to the standard console versions, you’re wrong. So you can also buy Xbox One X Skins and PS4 Pro stickers. There are no limits to the different game consoles. No matter if standard, slim, pro or X. Skins and stickers are available for all versions.

Not only looks good but also protects your console

Whoever thinks it’s all about looking makes a big mistake. The Xbox One Skins and PS4 stickers also protect your console from damage such as scratches, dents or other superficial damage. In addition, you can remove the skins at any time – without leaving any traces. After that, the surface will look like unused.

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Skins and stickers for the controllers are usually included in the package

For those who choose to buy skins, stickers, and covers for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One, there is the all-inclusive package. Mostly PS4 controller skins and Xbox One controller stickers are included. So you can give your entire gaming system a styling.

Perfect as a gift

If you don’t use it for yourself, it is also a great gift for your friends or family.


  1. I heard those skins are damaging console’s surface. Although, all my consoles are damaged over time. Probably is not a big deal.

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