Since a few days, PUBG Mobile is officially released for iOS and Android. Who has played the Battle Royale game Rules of Survival before will have been very surprised? These games are 1 to 1 identical. There are almost no differences.

Who copied who?

Actually, it’s hard to believe. We started playing Rules of Survival for iOS a few weeks ago. With the release of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for iOS and Android, we immediately started to play it on the iPhone. Do we have to explain to you that we were surprised that the game is exactly the same? Not only the control but also the graphics and the entire gameplay. The question is, who copied whom? First, there was PUBG for the PC, then came Rules of Survival for the smartphone and tablet and then came PUBG Mobile.


Fortnite has overtaken Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds at the longest

For some time PUBG was the most successful Battle Royale game. Since a few weeks, Fortnite not only has the most players worldwide, but it is also hyped on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. One has the feeling that Fortnite is becoming more and more popular. While the popularity of PUBG is stagnating. This may be because Fortnite Mobile appeals to a much younger audience because it is cartoon-style and the gameplay is not so much about killing, but more about strategy. In this way, for example.


Build buildings or fortresses and farm raw materials. Playerunknown’s Battleground, on the other hand, is much more about the pure struggle for survival. Fortnite is also available on all consoles and the PC. Since Fortnite also announced that it will soon be available for iOS and Android and supports crossplay, PUBG is under pressure. You have to do something to avoid getting completely lost. That’s why they released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS almost without prior notice.


Just like Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile is somewhat difficult to control for beginners. On the left and right there are pockets which trigger a shot. This is often touched on by mistake. You also have the option of crawling, jumping or stopping in both games. On the left is the control pad with which you can move your player. You also have the option for your player to sprint automatically. You can then choose the direction calmly or look around. As already mentioned: The control is exactly identical to Rules of Survival.

PUBG Mobile has many more players than Rules of Survival

Because the PUBG is so much better known than Rules of Survival, there are of course many more players. This has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage for you is that the level is much lower. Your chance to be the only one to survive is much greater than in Rules of Survival because a lot of new players can’t handle the controls. The big disadvantage is the control itself.


You’re going to have some trouble too. In the heat of the moment, wrong keys are pressed or you have problems aiming. We expect that the game will gain a lot of level over the next few weeks.

PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is of course much more realistic. So if you want a 1A survival fight without resources and build fortresses, you should be satisfied with PUBG Mobile. If you’re more interested in a fun adventure game that pursues the same goal as PUBG Mobile then you can fall back on Fortnite. At Fortnite you also have the advantage that you can continue playing with your PS4 or PC account. V-Bucks and other items are easily transferred and you have full access.

Ultimately, the choice between Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile is a matter of taste. Both have a very large community and offer fun on a high level.