Within the last few years, virtual reality has exploded. Sony’s entry into the VR market is a key experience in this respect. From then on, the focus was not only on VR glasses but also on games for this new technology.

Currently, there are some very good game titles for the Playstation Virtual Reality. There is a large selection of many different genres. Especially in Virtual Reality games, the players decide very carefully. For example, there are some players who don’t want to play a horror video game for the VR, but rather real-life simulations.

If you have received a PS VR for Christmas or are planning to buy one, we can suggest the following games. These Playstation VR games are very popular:

Superhot VR


The game is as exciting as the title sounds. In Superhot VR, you’re in a hostile area full of enemies. Your job as a player is to develop ways and strategies to get out of this unfavorable situation and eliminate your opponents. You can use any type of weapon you find, including knives, firearms or bottles.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for the PS VR was published in January 2017 by Capcom. If you’re into horror and gunfire, Resident Evil Biohazard is just right for you. But beware, the game is by no means for cowardly bunnies. So far, it’s probably the scariest PS VR games yet.

Rez Infinite

The very popular game “Rez” was released in November 2001. Since then it has been remastered and re-released twice.


Rez Infinite is the version of the game that was specially developed for the PlayStation VR and released in October 2016. If you’re wondering why such an “old” game can be so good for the PlayStation VR – here’s why: As a player, you fly through cyberspace and have to complete missions to save the Earth from collapse. Electro music, which runs in the background and drives you on. You can probably imagine how exciting that must be in VR – and it’s exactly the same.


Thumper was developed by Drool and published in October 2016. It is currently available on some other platforms besides PSVR.


The player must lead a metallic beetle through various routes while being attacked by virtual monsters. You also have to dodge and jump over objects. There are many different levels, which tend to resemble in segments where the player can see how he/she has done at the end. Those who love these kinds of games will also love thumpers.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a PSVR game developed by Vertigo Games and released on December 6, 2016. In addition to PSVR, it is also compatible with other platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Who doesn’t want to shoot up while wearing the PSVR? Arizona Sunshine offers just that. What could be better than shooting up? Fire right at zombies. However, to play the game you need the motion controllers. Only in this way can they guarantee that you have a real gaming experience.


Farpoint was developed by Impulse Gear and released by Sony interactive Entertainment on May 16, 2017.


Your team and you are separated on a desert-like planet and surrounded by enemy aliens. As you fight against the aliens, the goal is to find your team and escape together from the planet. Farpoint is a thrilling action game for PSVR. The atmosphere, story, and graphics make you really think you’re on the planet and involved.

Whether sports games such as FIFA 18 or real-time multiplayer games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will ever prevail on the PSVR is questionable. Gran Turismo Sport has been successful in every case, but again only incomplete. Because in GT Sport there is only one VR mode where the player can drive against a CPU. Online and other modes are available with the VR.


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