Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard

If you play games on your sofa or couch, this is the right thing to buy. Corsair’s K63 wireless mechanical keyboard and lapboard combo is specially designed for those who want to enjoy in their beds while playing.

—> Buy Corsair Gaming K63 Compact Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is TKL (tenkeyless) plank and it uses Cherry MX Red Key switches that are light and quiet. Blue LED backlight gives glimpses of futurism and it’s controlled by Corsair’s CUE utility. It also features with 1ms 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 4.2 LE connectivity with 128-bit AES encryption to keep your keystrokes safe, along with a USB wired option, according to Corsair.


15 hours of use before recharging is also one big reason to buy it for action price – 160$. You can lay it on your lap because it has nice memory foam on the bottom side, wrist rest and cloth mousepad on the right side. If you love gaming and hedonism, Corsair is trying to reach your wallet…


    • The best place is to buy on official Corsair site or if you find there keyboard as expensive for you, try to search it on amazon. sometimes they have discounts.

  1. This keyboard is perfect for gaming. Will get one very soon. Any practical info on keyboard, anyone?

    • Price is around 160. The best thing would be to google it and research more about the lapboard/keyboard. Then you can decide to get it or not.

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