The announcement that Final Fantasy 7 will finally get the long-awaited remake was a big hit at E3 2015. But three years later we still don’t know much about the project. According to current rumors, the silence around the project could also be since the remake has only two years development time on the hump.

On ResetEra, Dan Tsukasa, who describes himself as a Japanese video game developer and allegedly has inside information on the Final Fantasy 7 remake, spoke up. In his reaction to a developer interview with the makers of the remake, Dan Tsukasa stated that the project is much less advanced than expected.

Final Fantasy 7 – Remake only two years in progress?

We already reported that during the work on the Final Fantasy 7 remake, external developers changed to an internal team. Allegedly Square Enix was not built on the current progress but had to start from scratch. That’s why the project didn’t take four years to develop, but only two years.

When was it ever a good sign when one company took over the work of another company? I know that CyberConnect’s work was useless, I’ve worked with them before, I know their level. And I know they outsourced like crazy to achieve what was shown to the public, and it still wasn’t enough to save them.

According to Dan Tsukasa, the work of CyberConnect2, as the original team was called, was utterly useless. Moreover, Tetsuya Nomura, who will be the game director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is never on site and only exists on paper as a lead developer. He was far too busy getting Kingdom Hearts 3 off the ground.

Dan Tsukasa emphasizes that he cannot prove these rumors, but the problems of the Final Fantasy 7 remake in the Japanese developer scene should belong to the general knowledge. However, if Square Enix has managed to make in-house development more efficient, he does not rule out the possibility that the project is a little more advanced.

Finally, it was said that some parts of the Final Fantasy 7 remake were more advanced than Kingdom Hearts and we asked Square Enix if they would like to comment on the rumors. If we receive an answer, we will update the article.