FIFA 18 has seen some improvements; the career mode has finally been revised and made even more attractive. There was a second part of “The Journey” where you could continue playing with Alex Hunter.

A viewer mode has been added in Ultimate Team mode and there is a new single-player mode called “Squad Battle”. By the way, there were also many other small improvements in FUT mode. In addition, there were innovations in the Pro Club mode, which also led us directly to the deteriorations in the game.

The Pro Club mode is almost unplayable and has led to protests like #FixFIFA. Many players criticize that the gameplay is too plagued by momentum and matchmaking. For some, the online modes are even unplayable and they only play offline.

FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018: Detailed Comparison

So what should FIFA 19 improve?

Existing bugs, such as those in Pro Club mode, should be fixed in any case. What is the point of innovations if they simply do not work? The gameplay should also be revised. Why is single player gameplay so different from Weekend League gameplay? The game should be made completely neutral. No intervention of EA in the games. Everyone has experienced it: Suddenly nothing works anymore.

Passes don’t arrive, 100% chances just don’t want to go in, but if the opponent fires a shot he sits immediately. This is exactly what makes FIFA Ultimate Team unsuitable for eSports. On the other hand the Pay-To-Win¬†factor, which makes the game unsuitable for eSports. Esport is distinguished, among other things, by the fact that everyone has the same starting point.

But if one player has 11 FUT icons in the team and the other player has nobody, then there is no equality of opportunity. More fairness and equal opportunities would be extremely important for FIFA 19, but unfortunately, we will never see this because then nobody would have an incentive to spend their money on FIFA Points.

In conclusion, it can be said that some things were done right at FIFA 18 and some things were done completely wrong. For tips and tricks for FIFA 18, you can check out our YouTube channel. There we show in our tutorial useful tips how to use glitches and other errors in the game.