It doesn’t always have to be GTA or Assassin’s Creed. Even beyond the mainstream madness, there are game pearls that often offer more innovative approaches than the significant competition. 505 Games recently introduced the lineup for 2018. Underworld Ascendant (https://www.gamingfront.net/gaming/articles/underworld-ascendant-upcoming-old-school-action-rpg/), our editorial team has already dedicated an extensive preview, but with Indivisible, Memories of Mars, Laser League, and Bloodstained four more insider tips are in the starting blocks.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is precisely your game. No wonder, as Koji Igarashi is in charge of the action project financed by a Kickstarter campaign. Igarashi is one of the forefathers of the Castlevania series. Parallels to Symphony of the Night are therefore no coincidence.


Bloodstained is a tricky 2D action platformer in which you fight Miriam as a warrior against the creatures of darkness. The excellent lady jumps over platforms, skilfully avoiding attacks and opponents. In battle, it swings a short sword or even the whip. Magic crystals play a particular role, which you find in regular intervals: You can use them to unlock special attacks such as a fireball or throwing the bone. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will also be released this year for all current platforms.


Lab Zero Games, the creators of the beating game Skullgirls, present Indivisible. A courageous mix of role-playing and platforming. In this 2D adventure, you control young Ajna. When her village is under attack, the girl discovers her supernatural abilities. Your task now is to find out their origins.

The cocktail of different varieties is already in the demo version. This way you explore the world like in a classic skill game. With additional items such as an ax or bow and arrow, the 2D levels gain more possibilities. You can use the shaft to pass through branches and reach previously blocked areas. You also shimmy up the cliffs with the striking tool and thus advance to higher levels.


But the highlight of the game is undoubtedly the fighting system. In the process, you’ll pick up over 20 characters with changing traits, four of whom will compete as your party members in the fights. Lab Zero Games cleverly combines attack and defensive actions in real-time battles. Attacks charge the unique energy Iddhi. Blocks consume it. At the same time, you decide when to go on the offensive. Each character has up to three actions that charge slowly. So you can choose whether you want to go straight to a combo or score a few hits.

In the first round, Indivisible proves to be a challenging and accessible genre mix. The game not only looks great but also has more than enough depth to motivate in the long run. Indivisible will be released in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Switch version should come as well.

Laser League

If you like to play online, you probably already stumbled across Rocket League. The football kick combines the favorite ball sport with plenty of horsepowers and highly competitive character. The futuristic Laser League goes in a very similar direction but sets different accents. The British development studio Roll 7 has already celebrated its first successes with the title such as „Not a Hero“ and is now trying out its first multiplayer game.


With its flashy neon graphics, Laser League is initially reminiscent of the film classic TRON. And indeed, the game experience itself is quite similar to the arena fights of the original. Two teams of up to three men face each other here and try to kill each other as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there are hardly any weapons. Instead, you activate rotating laser walls and hope that your opponents will be locked up and killed by them.

Memories of Mars

Survival games are among the most popular genres thanks to successful titles such as DayZ or ARK: Survival Evolved. The German development studio Limbic Entertainment, known for Might & Magic: Heroes VII or Tropico 6, takes you to the red planet in Memories of Mars.

As a clone, you wake up almost 100 years after the last Mars expedition in an old research facility. In Memories of Mars, you explore the inhospitable terrain from the ego’s perspective and first take care of your character’s well-being. It requires, for example, food, but also oxygen. Accordingly, you must not lose any time, but you must still be careful. Not only do alien creatures such as oversized spider robots romp around on the alien planet, but Memories of Mars also locks you and 63 other participants on the star.


So you act like a lone wolf or even team up with friends and other players. You’ll also stomp your base out of the ground and use the resources you’ve gathered to craft more and more sophisticated equipment. Of course, other players can even steal your possessions, and that’s precisely where the attraction of the game lies. The Memories of Mars is the result of close cooperation between Limbic Entertainment and the community.


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