After the release of Wolfenstein 2009, fans have been craving a more action-packed experience with less filler. 2014’s Wolfenstein was shaping up to be a great game. It looked impressive, the story was unique, and the trailer showed different sections of the world being overtaken by Nazi rule. However, the finished product fails to live up to the hype.

The game begins in Poland in the 1940s. You are BJ Blazkowitz. You are fighting Nazis as giant robots appear; You confront them, and then after taking some shrapnel to the head, you are left comatose for 14 years and awaken to a world taken over by the Axis powers.The story is ridiculous; however, it’s that particular level of ridiculousness and schlock that fans of the franchise can adjust to.

While I don’t mind following a ridiculous story to further the plot I felt that the game doesn’t do enough to immerse you in its world.

I wanted to know more about the world that I was in; I wanted to see how the Nazis changed people’s views, ideologies, and ordinary citizens talking about the world that they live in and how it has affected them.

No innocent people are walking amongst the street, no children playing outside singing German songs, or talking about how they live their lives. Things like this would have added to the immersion.

Unfortunately, the most that you will get in terms of immersion comes from newspaper snippets explaining how the world has changed in the past 14 years scattered throughout the game.

The developers went through all this trouble to create this world, and they barely did anything with it. The game doesn’t even have to take place on planet earth; it could be on another world that was invaded by Nazi robot space pirates.The games combat system is very similar to Resistance: Fall Of Man. You have a weapon wheel and a health bar that regenerates in increments of 20%.

The gameplay is solid; you can carry as many guns as the game has to offer, though they don’t feel unique. You don’t get access to sci-fi weapons like you did in the 2009 game. I mean seriously the game is all about fighting giant robots and futuristic soldiers, why can’t I acquire a laser gun.

The game is a linear shooter with minimal exploration in each level — a contrast to Wolfenstein 3D which was all about exploring a giant building for secret rooms.

The enemy AI is competent but sometimes lacking. There was one instance in which I shot right in front of someone, but they still didn’t see or hear me. There aren’t anywhere near enough boss fights in the game, and the ones that they’re feel lacking.

The game does, however, do stealth well, as many scenarios offer you a different way to approach them as opposed to just shooting your way out of every situation. Though the payoff is minimal as there is never a time when choosing stealth over action gives you anything substantial.

You also can’t drag bodies around like in games like Dishonored or the Chronicles of Riddick games, so you better make sure that if you kill an enemy, it’s in a remote location if you’re trying to be stealthy.

Also, the game has some inconsistent rules. Sometimes when you kill an enemy their body disappears, but sometimes it doesn’t. Enemies will sound the alarm if they come across a dead body, so you never know how to plan your tactics. The difficulty of the game seems dictated by randomness.

Visually the game is incredibly gritty, and not in a good way. I wouldn’t be impressed by these visuals if this game came out back in 2008. It looks like a PS2 game that was upscaled for the PS3.

It’s not just the lighting; the characters look a bit off too. After being in a coma for 14 years BJ doesn’t look a day older then he did at the start of the game, and he still has all of his muscle.

I can’t help but be disappointed by this Wolfenstein game. I was hoping for something that would only be possible to develop on next-gen consoles, and what I got was something that feels like it could have come out at the start of this console generation. It is marginally better than 2009’s Wolfenstein made by Raven Software, but after half a decade of waiting, I expected a little better.

  • Game title: Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Release date: April 20th 2014
  • Platform(s) Available on: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC
  • Reviewed on PS3