Since mid-February Tekken Mobile is now officially available in the Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Russia, UK, France, Benelux, and Singapore. US is announced for beginning of the March. Players can play the combat game on any iOS and Android device. On the console it’s great, but how does the gameplay on the smartphone and tablet? And what role do micro-transactions play at Tekken? We have summarized it for you in our Tekken Mobile Review.

About the Tekken Mobile game

Tekken Mobile has been released worldwide and is available in many different languages. You can download the game for free in the iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore. It is a typical free-to-play game with in-game purchases. Tekken Mobile is about 800 MB in size and players should be over 12 years old to play it.

Story Mode

mobilesIn this offline single-player mode, you’ll fight against a variety of opponents. You can have up to three fighters on your team. You can replace them at any time with other fighters, level them or give items such as a healing potion. Exactly, if your fighter hurts himself in a fight, his health will not be reset, but you need healing potions. You can get these in packs, which you have to buy with gems. It’s a bit annoying because players can only be healed if you spend real money.

If you can’t heal your players, they will go knockout in the course of the game and you won’t be able to use them until you’ve resuscitated them and boosted them with healing potions. Not exactly well resolved. In Story mode, one opponent follows the other. It starts at the Easy difficulty level and increases as the game progresses. Fighters you have defeated can be unlocked and used by yourself.

Game Modes

In total there are 4 different game modes. Among them single player as well as multiplayer. You can play online or offline. However, to start Tekken Mobile you need an internet connection. Some modes can only be played if you have reached a certain level. The level increases if you are successful in story mode, for example.


Time-Based Live Events

For this, you must have reached at least level 3. As the name suggests, various live events will take place daily or weekly in the form of challenges or tournaments. This online mode also reserves the right to exclude certain fighters from the mode. The live events provide the necessary variety for such a fighting game. So keep an eye out for great events.

Local Fights

Local fights are not yet available, but they will be soon. There you can fight against your friends or other players in your vicinity. For example, you can organize offline tournaments and have fun with your friends for a while.



For this mode, you must have reached at least level 4. Each player can create his own dojo. In this mode, you can fight in the different dojos. The classic PvP mode!


Tekken Mobile provides many different characters, which you can unlock during the course of the story. At the beginning, there are more than 20 playable characters, which can be used offline and online. The fighters can be leveled and improved. You can learn new attacks and possess unique skills. You probably already know the usual characters from the previous parts. New characters were introduced in the run-up to Tekken Mobile. According to the manufacturer, more than 100 characters will be available and will be added bit by bit.


All characters at a glance. Some have been set free and some have not yet.

In addition, you can unlock characters through packs that you can buy with gems. That brings us straight to the next point:


Of course, there are also micro-transactions with this smartphone game. That means there is a soft and hard currency. The soft currency is coins, which you receive after fights and other milestones. The hard currency you have to buy for real money is gemstones. With them, you can buy packs, different boxes. There are three different types of packs. The basic package for 9000 coins or 150 gems, the premium pack for 60000 coins or 500 gems and the epic pack for one million coins or 1750 gems. Of course, Tekken Mobile also has micro-transactions.


Inside these packs, you’ll also find water splinters, earth splinters and other items you can use to improve your fighters or run with other items. There are also warriors, healing potions, and other items. These are divided into different categories. There are also different combat stamps. You can say that players who open many packs are clearly preferred. The classic pay-to-win scheme.

Coins cannot be bought, but there are gems in all price categories. Remember, gems can be quite expensive.

And because there are so many different items in the game, Bandai also offers special value packs that contain many different items. Of course also in an exchange for real money. This includes a monthly advantage pack at Tekken Mobile.


One might think controlling a combat game on the smartphone and tablet could be difficult. Tekken Mobile has proven the opposite. Attacking, evading, defending and executing special attacks is very simple. If you bet in the direction of your opponent, you will be attacked. If you hold down longer, the attack will be stronger. Betting behind your own player is defended. Jumping and ducking is easy too.



The menus in the game are very clear and user-friendly. Beginners should also find their way around very easily. The different game modes are very easy to find, just like the shop, the different items, and characters.


We will only evaluate the graphics during the fight, as it is crucial. The menu is partly classic in 2D unless characters appear. These are then in 3D. The fight itself looks pretty good – you can’t argue about that. Besides, there are almost no lags or anything else.

Healing potions are more important in the game than you think.


Tekken Mobile convinces with fun game modes and good graphics. Unfortunately, however, in the long run, gems have to be bought in this game as well. Just because the fighters can only be healed and revived in this way. This is already noticeable at the beginning of the game.

There are a lot of items that can be obtained almost exclusively from packs. It is precisely these micro-transactions that take away the fun of great games like Tekken Mobile. So if you are interested in this and want to play it successfully, you should be aware that you have to spend one or two dollars on micro-transactions.