As a massive Tetris fan, I buy pretty much every new version that hits the market. When I saw that Puyo Puyo Tetris was coming out priced at 29.99$ or thereabouts I had to have it. For a budget release, there are a surprising amount of modes you can choose from to keep you busy, achievable trophy rewards, and plenty of fun to be had.

TitlePuyo Puyo Tetris
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PC, Wii U, Xbox One
Publisher(s)SEGA, Deep Silver
Developer(s)SEGA, Sonic Team
GenrePuzzle Video Game
ReleaseFebruary 6, 2014
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer
esrb-rating-everyone-10+EVERYONE 10+ - Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.


There are a number of modes included for both Tetris and Puyo Puyo and even a mode that mixes the two together. Both have Endless variants in the vein of the classic releases, versions where you can challenge the computer, and fever modes where quick reactions will earn you the win. There is also a Story Mode where you take on the computer and must meet certain criteria to earn stars and progress to the next stage.

This mode is split between Puyo Puyo and Tetris challenges and may cause problems for players who aren’t familiar with the mechanics of one game or the other. As an ardent Tetris fan I had no problems gaining the maximum 3-star ratings for the Tetris challenges but as an amateur Puyo Puyo player, I found some of the criteria for these challenges hard to achieve.

Puyo Puyo is far more complex than Tetris and requires plenty of forwarding thinking which I’ve found I’m not too good at. This made progressing through the Puyo Puyo stages a bit hit and miss, for me at least, and I found myself growing frustrated at times. There also appears to be a heavier focus on Puyo Puyo challenges in Story Mode which was unfortunate for me as a Tetris fan.


Most players will get the majority of their play time, however, via online play where you can go up against other players from around the world and put your skills to the test against other humans. Here being a Tetris player puts you at somewhat of a disadvantage, as the Puyo chains dump far more junk blocks that a four-line Tetris clear. As such, a Tetris victory over a Puyo player feels like a real achievement.

I had a great time with Puyo Puyo Tetris, but there are a few minor issues that seem to stem from laziness on the developer’s part that detracts from an otherwise strong title. The backgrounds and characters that have been designed for the purpose of the story mode are insultingly simple and unimaginative anime cliches. Character victory slogans are eye-rolling bad, with such generic shouts as ‘I won and looked cute doing it!’ and ‘Feel the wrath of darkness!’.

The catchphrases and voiceovers of these characters are also irritating in the extreme. Each time you score a line or a chain in the game you will be greeted with the same cheesy sayings over and over again and this quickly grates. While these sound effects can be turned off in most modes they can’t be disabled in Story Mode which means you’re stuck listening to them against your will unless you mute your TV.


The major problem for me, however, is in Endless Tetris where the tetromino drop speed is capped at level 15 which is pretty slow and makes it almost impossible to die in this mode if you are a competent player. The twitch reactions needed for the latter stages of older versions is sadly missing, and sometimes I have to stack myself out intentionally just to finish off my current round.

If you like either of the titles included in this game and have online access then you will easily get more than 29.99$ worth of game time out of Puyo Puyo Tetris. If you like both variants equally you’ll enjoy it even more. Despite the issues listed above I still fire up my PS4 for an hour or so of Tetris each day so it must be doing something right, eh?

FUN FACTOR - If you are a fan of either included game you will find yourself having a blast with your selected mode. If you like both Tetris and Puyo, mores the better. However, some Story Mode stages might cause frustration.
GRAPHICS - About what you'd expect for an undemanding puzzle title. Character and background designs are pretty derivative.
SOUND - I'd recommend you mute the sound and listen to your own music. The character voiceovers are extremely irritating and the background music is nothing to write home about.
SINGLE PLAYER - There are plenty of mode available to a player without access to online multiplayer modes which will justify the game's small price.
CONTROLS - The controls are tighter than a coat of paint. You'll stack the odd block in the wrong place occasionally but it'll be down to human error, not the controls.
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  1. Love tetris a lot. Puyo is really interesting with not so bad and enhanced graphics if comparing first tetris games.

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