After the popular parts previously, Persona 5 was developed by Deep Silver and released on April 4, 2017 in Europe. In Japan, however, it was released in September 2016 and developed by Atlus.

To the story

At Persona 5 you take on the role of a pupil who has been transferred to the Shujin Academy. Since then, the protagonist, who makes the impression of a loner, has been living in the attic of a cafĂ© in Tokyo. The game starts exactly at this point in time. You are on your way to the host you have never met before and the next day school starts. At the same time, they notice an app on your phone that they just don’t want to delete. Already on the first day of school you will meet other characters and get a taste of what you can expect in the following game.

Watch Persona 5 Gameplay if you’re a beginner:

The atmosphere

The game is characterized not only by the story, characters, etc. but also by the general atmosphere it conveys. It is a dream for every player who likes to discover new areas, research and is generally eager to learn.

The characters

Persona 5’s characters are distinguished not only by their pretty good looks but also by their stories about the characters and the different language styles. As a player, you learn more about the individual characters, their motives, dreams, and fears. Here the characters collect big sympathy points with the player.


The music

Whoever has been playing Persona 5 for a few hours will surely have noticed the remarkably good music. The music accompanies the players through the story in Persona 5 and creates a real atmosphere. Currently, you can find the complete original soundtrack on YouTube. You can listen here:

The map

As mentioned earlier, Persona 5 plays in Tokyo. More specifically, in a typical Japanese housing estate, the famous Shibuya Station, the Shujin Academy and some other places. For missions, players are always sent to new exciting maps. With the maps around Tokyo, the attention to detail is immediately catching the eye. For anyone who has ever been to Tokyo or Shibuya, you will know that the Shibuya Station, like the streets, are pretty much recreated. Even the small bus in front of Shibuya Station is standing in front of the Hachiko statue – just as it is in reality.

The battle system

Like in a classic role-playing game, the characters and the enemies face each other. Same as for the previous Persona parts, Final Fantasy, and other RPGs. You can choose between a special attack with your persona, a firearm (if you bought one in the shop), defense, the choice of items and a normal attack.

Freedom in the game

You decide what your character does, learns or how to behave. Not only do you have a choice of answers, but you can also decide which book to read, whether and how many girlfriends he should have, how he should behave towards strangers, with whom he should have a deeper relationship, whether he should work and earn money or rather sleep, and much more. You can skip unwanted or annoying sequences at any time.



As with the previous parts, there are no micro-transactions with Persona 5. As a player, you can only thank the developers very much. Persona 5 gave you a feeling you haven’t had in other games for a long time. The feeling that the game was made to the delight of the players. No greed for profit as with EA and other affiliates.


Persona 5 is not only a must-have for fans of this game series, but for every RPG fan. The story and characters will definitely cast a spell over you. The design of the game takes getting used to, but it is very good. Smooth transitions like for example after a fight were very good. Once you have started playing games, it will be very difficult to put the controller away again. For Japan fans, this game is a jewel. You can experience the Japanese lifestyle and walk through Shibuya, do whatever you want. In our opinion, Persona 5 is underestimated and should receive much more attention.

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