The Monster Hunter: World is the latest installment of Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter game series that started on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. From its inception, it has been on many different consoles, with a long run on Nintendo systems recently.

TitleMonster Hunter: World
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
GenreAction role-playing
ReleaseJanuary 26, 2018
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer
esrb-rating-teenTEEN - Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Monster Hunter: World Walkthrough PS4 PRO

This streak was broken with Monster Hunter: World. The game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release to follow shortly. It has already become the bestselling Capcom game ever. The game was tweaked just enough from its original formula to keep the fans of the series happy while grabbing a larger market share of the general game demographic to make the game a smash hit.

Monster Hunter games are, at the core, a basic premise. You play a character in a world where large creatures that often appear to be a mix of dinosaur and dragon roam, and it is your job to hunt them. As you kill or capture assorted monsters, you get resources from them to make better equipment, enabling you to seek out even stronger monsters.

flying monster in monster hunter world

The game often has some story behind about monsters threatening this or that, but the long and sort of it are that you are a big game hunter seeking out monsters to fight. The game has, in the past, been known for high levels of both difficulty and time required grinding and, while popular, was defiantly viewed as a niche game. This has changed with monster hunter world.

What changed to make World such a big hit? Several tweaks in the game system and playability for the most part. The gameplay was smoothed out on the new systems. Combat used to feel slightly clunky for all weapons, now the faster weapons really feel smooth and even the larger weapons combat has a flow to the combos that make the game way more satisfying.

Tracking of monsters has been updated and more helpful, while not flat out telling you where the monster is when you load up one of the several large areas of the game. Another improvement to areas is the loss of the transition screens. Previously, each area was divided up into several number sub-areas, and the game would go to a loading screen. This has gone away with Monster Hunter: World, allowing for both fleeing from a monster, and chasing a monster to feel more tension-filled and interesting.

mh world monster dinosaur

The difficulty was also toned down a bit at the beginning, the first few monsters, while memorable and fantastically designed, are not quite as tough as they seemed to be in previous incarnations, allowing the user to get some better gear before tackling some of the tougher foes.

Online multi-play received an overall thanks to the much more robust and powerful PSN and Xbox live and currently it is very easy to get into the action with up to 3 other players. While some parts of multiplayer, particularly squads, can be a bit obtuse, overall there are many improvements making it much easier to find and host games in Monster Hunter: World.

These improvements are not to say much of the complexity of the game is gone. There are still many systems that the game does not necessarily explain that well and require a knowledgeable friend, website or trial and error to really get. Some of the more advanced weapons also require quite a bit of practice, as failing to properly execute a combo can put you in a place you didn’t really want to be and end up getting blasted with fire, or bashed into the ground by the monster you are fighting.


The grind is still in the game also. There are over 30 large monsters and many small creatures in the environment to fight, and crafting the gear to have a full armor set from one monster type alone will take at least 2 hunts of that monster, if not more at higher levels. Upgrading your weapons also requires some of the rarer components and it might be several hunts before you get just one of some of the rarest.

This is not as tedious as it sounds, as even the lesser monsters can still quickly end a hunt if you are not careful, and just because you are hunting one type of monster, does not mean another type that frequents that environment type will not show up to ruin your day. This combined with a genuinely fun combat system and multiplayer aspect keeps the grind so much more fun than in some other farming heavy games.

The graphics in the game are well done. While not what you might see in some type end graphic marvels of this generation, they get the job done and allow for the game to run at a decent clip without any dives in framerate with so many players and big monsters roaming around, and that is what is important. The game still manages to look fantastic with all this going on, and on the PC, the whole thing should be even more glorious to look at, provided you have a machine that can handle it.

monster hunter world gameplay screen ps4

The sound design works for the game. The monsters sound unique and the weapons and combat are made more real by the design. There is music in the game, but it is subdued, mostly used to give a kind of status indicator that you are in combat, our just running around. It is not overly wonderful, but it works. There is some stand out tracks, to be sure, but the action and other parts of the game are so present that the music is kind of lost much of the time.

In the end, these things combine to make a fantastic game. The variety of encounters, activities, and hunts, as well as how unpredictable the hunts can be make the game so very fun. The harvesting and grind have been reduced just enough to keep it relevant, but not overly tiresome and the huge variety of weapons, gear and armor make this game a real winner.

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FUN FACTOR - So much to do and it all feels satisfying and fun!
GRAPHICS - Excellent visuals and a living world. While not bleeding edge in visuals, everything is distinct and pleasing to look at. The monsters are a visual treat in their differences.
SOUND - The sound work is solid and immersive, and the music there but not as memorable.
MULTIPLAYER - The Game Really shines when playing in a group with friends or other random pickups, and the game scales as more players are added to keep the challenge up. Some of the more advanced parts of the social experience can be a bit hard to figure out, but work well after the learning curve.
CONTROLS - Solid controls with each different weapon feeling distinct and different with different options and functions to tailor to your tastes.
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  1. Monster Hunter is my game of the year definitely. It’s so interesting, environment is awesome, graphics and sound are so well made. 10/10!

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  4. The Monster Hunter World is loaded with fun and excitement. Everything is so great to enjoyable. No bugs, story and gameplay are simply awesome!

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