Magic Story: a revolutionary text adventure with all the perks of a complex RPG and also minigames? Yes, please! One would assume that with all the tech crammed into our phones, games of which the focus is on the story instead of the visuals and gameplay would be outdated. As it turns out, that is not the case.

TitleMagic Story: Choose Your Path
PlatformiOS, Android
PublisherBack to Panda
DeveloperBack to Panda
Genre(s)Text-based, Role-playing adventure
Release(s)April 17th, 2018 (Android), April 18th, 2018 (iOS)
ModeSingle player
esrb-rating-everyoneEVERYONE - Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.

In the market of addictive candies being crushed and avian varieties being upset, the classic genre of text adventure is still silently blooming. Think of the instant classic Lifeline for example that cleverly used the Apple Watch to create the illusion of having a real-time conversation with someone stranded on an alien moon. It opened up the genre to not only hardcore fans but to millions who enjoy good stories and unique ideas. Text adventure games not only exist, but they also find new and new ways to become more immersive and entertaining. Magic Story is one of the most creative text adventure games out there that surpassed the usual confines of the genre.

You roleplay as a god, who chats with and gives advice to a wizard kid during his journeys while your decisions shape the story. You also have powers to help him: when he needs to open a lock, for instance, there is a mini-game challenge you must complete to move forward. There are six mini-games all in all, each representing a specific skill like Lockpicking, Spellcasting or Dexterity. These also function as skills you can upgrade, so you have a feeling of your character improving. But there are many more RPG characteristics. The collectible items, life potions, gems, solvable riddles, different avatars, and achievements.

Magic Story Choose Your Path android ios in gmae screenshot

The visuals are colorful and cute, the characters funny, the story surprisingly complex and exciting with many twists and very different endings. You can get lost in its world. Plus, after finishing the main story, new episodes are coming out every week that form a more significant story like an addictive TV show. It’s worth investing. The game is free. Therefore the ads can be irritating, but you can get rid of them for a reasonable price.



  • Extremely fun adventure
  • Rewarding gameplay
  • No ads in paid version
  • Multiple in-game choices



  • Ads in free version


  1. text based are not bad games at all. was playing them much more before. this seems quite interesting to try it though

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