Far Cry 5 wants to break away from old virtues and offer the player something new. After excursions to the Caribbean, the Himalayas and even to the Stone Age, this time we go to the American Montana of modern times – a green idyl in the deepest northwest of the United States of America.

TitleFar Cry 5
Platform(s)PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer(s)Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto
Genre(s)Action-adventure, first-person shooter
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB-rating-Mature-17+MATURE - Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

This time, everything should also be a little more mature and less glamorous. Whether the game manages the balancing act between an open sandbox adventure playground and a serious story, you can find out in our review.


A rainy evening in Montana. In the helicopter some law enforcement officers who are not sure whether their plan is appropriate. As they fly around a huge statue of Joseph Seed, doubts grow stronger – after all, the religious fanatic Joseph Seed is the founder of the sect “Eden’s Gate” and paws a lot of followers around him. But the job is the job.

So we make our way to the church, accompanied by a lot of grim cultists. But the Father, as his followers call him, does not resist. He knew that this moment would come and is sure “God will not allow it.” A mob of angry followers rushes onto our helicopter shortly before takeoff and does not let us arrest Joseph. Most of our companions die, and we have to run and hide.

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The atmosphere of the first twenty minutes of Far Cry 5 fascinated me directly. The production of documentaries, eyewitness accounts, and one’s own failed police deployment throws one straight into the story and presents us the antagonist and his clan on a silver platter. Although the Far Cry intros are notorious anyway, Far Cry 5 crowns the series.

In general, I find the topic of “religious fanaticism” in video games always exciting. See Zachary Comstock’s Bioshock Infinite. But as soon as we get through the introduction and the short tutorial, the dense atmosphere is watered down, and we find ourselves in the adventure playground of Montana.


And so we as deputies start our campaign against Eden’s Gate and help the state of Montana to freedom. But Joseph Seed is not alone. Next, to his followers, he paws around his siblings John, Jacob and Faith Seed, who are the leaders of their respective areas in Far Cry 5. So it’s up to us where we want to start building resistance and reclaiming the country.

We can take on assignments anytime, anywhere. However, there is a recommended order, at least as far as the level of difficulty of the respective area is concerned. That’s why most players are likely to start in John Seed’s Holland Valley area.

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Apart from that, every player will experience his adventure from now on. We notice some changes right at the beginning. Like for example the omission of the minimap or that we don’t have to climb any more towers. As with “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” and “Assassin’s Creed Origins,” Far Cry 5 do without “the typical Ubisoft formula.” It means that the developer has finally found a new way for himself and his offshoots – a more modern one.

Only a few quest providers are fixed on our map to lead us at least in a rough direction. We find the remaining quest providers mostly through dialogues with the residents. These can be sometimes more serious and sometimes funnier. There are also many allusions to current political debates in the United States.


But Far Cry wouldn’t be Far Cry if it wasn’t for side jobs. For example, you can go hunting to earn money. Most crafting aspects have wandered directly into our “advantage tree,” our skill tree. By fulfilling various challenges and side missions, we gain advantage points, which we can then invest in the tree.

The side missions in Far Cry 5 are less challenging than the story missions. Most of which are great – sometimes fishing, sometimes clearing a camp or freeing hostages. Due to the different approaches it doesn’t get boring too quickly – even if we do the same thing several times in the core.

The game playing experience I find as very complemented by our companions. A relatively large fleet of vehicles, boats, airplanes, and helicopters, which we gradually unlock. The friends, nine in number, are one of the significant innovations of Far Cry 5. Always accompanied by a mission in which we open the companion and win it for ourselves.

The dog Boomer, who marks the opponents for us. The sniper Grace, who ambushes us from the enemy or the grizzly bear cheeseburger. Who is diabetic but destructive as a tank raging through enemy camps – the several companions give us a new tactical approach in the missions.


Alternatively, you can play together with a good buddy via online co-op, but only the host of the session takes over the game progress. A decision that is still a mystery to me. After all, the partner usually doesn’t want to have to do everything again in his score. Too bad.

The game with the AI works more or less well. In general, the AI is one of my biggest criticisms in Far Cry 5. Your companions and also your opponents often don’t act very cleverly. But sometimes they behave overly precisely. This change is a little annoying in the long run.

Either an opponent can’t even see you when you stand in front of him, but another opponent can see you from 200 meters away. It’s the same with your companions. In and of itself, however, it works quite well except for these outliers mentioned above.

Graphically the title is to be classified in the upper leagues in any case. Minnesota’s forests look genuinely stunning and look good all the way through. I was able to test the game on the Xbox One X, as well as the PC. The Xbox One X runs the game at 30fps through and a resolution of 3840×2160.

On the PC it depends of course on the own hardware and the possible settings. On the normal Xbox One it runs with a resolution of 1440×1080 at 30fps. I could not find any deficiencies except for small hangers during more massive explosions. All in all, the game runs very smoothly and smoothly, even when things get to the point more rapidly.


Does Far Cry 5 now manage to tell a compelling story, despite the many playful freedoms? The answer is: Yes, you have the feeling of recapturing Montana piece by piece, but the intensity in the big adventure playground is still diluting. It’s just due to Open World and the many possibilities.

Nevertheless, the game knows how to conceal its weakness. Depending on how far your progress in each area is, you will hear from the Seed family because they will not quickly solve the progress. So you are kidnapped, tortured, have to escape from captivity and gradually gain a feeling for your opponents.

To be honest, I liked that, because these missions are intense and bombastic. Besides, the antagonists are tangible and their motivations – in their own way – are comprehensible. It makes the opponents very authentic and especially Faith Seed, Joseph’s younger adopted sister, I was very taken with me in the end.

The whole Seed Clan will stay in your memory even longer. Thus, the balancing act between narrative and Open World does not succeed continuously, but every few hours of play has very intense moments again. Definitely a step in the right direction.

far cry 5 town sniper in game screen


Far Cry 5 is the first shooter-highlight 2018. Ubisoft has taken the criticism of the last parts to heart and turned on some decisive levers with Far Cry 5. You no longer have to stop every five meters to fend off and skin an attacking animal or to climb a tower, which from now on reveals the map and serves as a quick travel point.

Only the point, that the co-op mode is only half finished, causes disillusionment next to the now and then wooden AI. Above all, there is no logical reason why only one player takes over the progress. After all, in Ghost Recon Wildlands everyone involved secured the momentum, and everyone could continue to play solo or in a team on their own. Far Cry 5 is a real fun for friends of successful sandbox titles. I have a definite recommendation.

FUN FACTOR - A great fun. The world is dynamic, it is breathtakingly beautiful, and the seeds are very successful antagonists.
GRAPHICS - Graphics is beyond awesome.
SOUND - A bit disappointing sound with a few glitches in the AI.
MULTIPLAYER - The duo multiplayer experience is top-notch.
SINGLE PLAYER - All Far Cry fans would agree that we already played single players like this in previous sequels. But don't forget it's a still great game.
CONTROLS - A bit difficult until you master the controls.
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