We don’t know why, but Duke Nukem takes special place among all video game reviews on GamingFront.net. With the release of Duke Nukem Reloaded from Gearbox, the longest running gag in the gaming industry comes to an end. The punch line, however, doesn’t fly: looking soberly at the Duke is quite pointless.

Duke Nukem – Different Point of view

No, we do not bore you now with endless explanations about the difficult birth Duke Nukem Reloaded has had, the misplanning, legal disputes and the whole blah-blah, because we have heard that now, God knows, often enough. Instead, we’d rather tell you how the first-person shooter of (now) Gearbox has turned out to be, after all, some people have been waiting for the test for 14 years.


Duke Nukem Reloaded himself doesn’t burn for long: We’re barely two minutes away from the first boss fight. In a football stadium, we’ll rake a one-eyed alien monster the size of a house with the Devastator rocket launcher, the most powerful weapon in Duke Nukem 3D. Wait, not only the wank, but the whole fight comes from the predecessor – that’s the boss of the end of the day! Only when we’ve done that, it turns out that the initial sequence of Duke Nukem Reloaded is a game in the game. Suddenly the camera returns and looks at him, the Duke sits on his sofa and daddies his own video game. Nice idea!

The Story

Since the events of its predecessor, the Duke has become a heavyweight superstar, playing from TV show to the TV show, signing autographs and making tons of money through merchandising products, burger chains, and strip clubs. Logically, a busty groupie throws itself at his neck every two meters. Or two: The Holsom Twins, two pretty, twisted blondes, don’t want to give way from Duke’s side.

But then again, aliens attack America and start abducting girls again – including the twins. That makes the whole thing a personal campaign for the Duke, of course. It takes him through the contested Las Vegas, the Nevada desert and finally to the Hoover Dam with its associated reservoir, where the alien leadership has settled. The President of the United States alone tries to chat with the Duke every now and then, but that doesn’t matter much to him, because as in his predecessor: “Nobody steals our wives with impunity!”.

The Gameplay

The actual game is as simple as Duke Nukem Reloaded’s plot: The Duke is bolting his way through the alien ogres, that’s it. We encounter the same jacks as in Duke Nukem 3D: humanoid lizard figures (sometimes with a rocket backpack, some with teleportation capability), floating giant brains with octopus arms or pigs in police uniforms.

Watch the Gameplay here:

In contrast to the predecessor or other simple-minded shooters like Serious Sam, however, we are only allowed to carry two weapons at a time. This kind of tactical approach to tactical shooting seems out of place at Duke Nukem Reloaded and is only meant to make the game seem more complex than it actually is. There is no shortage of ammunition in Duke Nukem Reloaded because every few hundred meters there are ammunition boxes around, where we can fill up our stockpiles endlessly. However, to limit ourselves to two guns at a time, we simply feel that it is a gait.

At the latest when Duke Nukem Reloaded finally unpacks the weapons that had already been fun in his predecessor after a while: ice jets, devastators or above all the shrink-wrapper. With this thing, we turn our opponents for a while into ankle-high little ones, which the Duke can kick – nasty!

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