Destiny 2’s first DLC expansion, The Curse of Osiris offer some new content. A new planet to explore, and server enhancements. But many feel that it is a step backward from the last two expansions from Destiny 1.

The Taken King, and The Rise of Iron. Possibly the fact that it only came out a few months after the base game, The Curse of Osiris is decidedly less lacking in content that these previous, fantastic, expansions.

It is not to say the Curse of Osiris has no content. It adds several things to the game. As expected, Curse of Osiris also adds new gear and Player vs. Player Crucible game mode maps, but there were new things added. Armor ornaments are now able to be earned with in-game activities when they were previously only bright engram cash shop items. The new “masterwork” system was also released allowing for more customization and personalization of gear.

The expansion also adds a new story campaign that takes place after the events of the main game. It is not directly related to the main game’s storyline, however. This new story mission takes place on the Planet Mercury and has an open area to explore.


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The expansion added a few new endgame items as well. A new Raid “lair” called The World Eater. A raid lair is a raid that is themed and connected to a full Raid. In this case, Leviathan.  It also added a new “heroic” version of the strike game mode with more difficult challenges. To match these higher end events, the power cap was increased to 330 and the max game level from 20 to 25.

While this seems like a reasonably good bit of things added to the game, much of it seems to be as expected, or just tweaks that still do not make the game as good as Destiny 1 was at the release of the last expansion. The Campaign, while entertaining, seems a bit short. Osiris is such an epic character in the lore, fitted with the robust and lengthy story around him. The new characterization of Ikora was welcome to the story, however, and the fleshing out of the Cult of Osiris was nice.

destiny-2-curse of osiris in game screen

Another complaint is the overall scale of Mercury. Yes, it is the smallest planet in the solar system, and it is also partially destroyed in the main story, but the area is small. So little that they do not allow the fast travel vehicles called sparrows. If you could use a sparrow, you would be across the whole map in about 3 seconds.  The area also only has one significant open group public event, and while fun, is still so much less than the other locations.

There are also some that complain about the raid lair not being an actual new raid, but I was okay with this activity. It was fun, of decent length and offered new mechanics.  It is shorter but provides much less downtime than the full raid.

The masterwork system is a welcome addition. Any purple Legendary weapon has a chance to drop as a masterwork. It gives a little perk. A beautiful frame on the inventory screen, and it tracks kills in their PvP or PvE. It also drops power orbs to charge your super on multi-kills.  You can dismantle unwanted masterwork items to get resources to make a favorite weapon master worked as well.

destiny-2-curse of osiris in game screen2

The armor ornaments are another fun customization options, allowing many reward armor types to have two different appearances to mix and match to customize your look. The fact that they are set in-game goals that are made clear to the player is very nice as well.

Overall, there are some great new things offered in Curse of Osiris. But the story mission and revealing of such an epic character fall show or players expectations as build by the later Destiny 1 Expansion releases.

The new area, while beautiful to look at, is lacking much in content. I would not say this is as bad as the oft-scorned “House of Wolves” expansion from Destiny 1. But it is defiantly not one of the best of the Destiny franchise paid releases.

Destiny-2-Expansion-I-Curse-of-Osiris-screenHere is hoping that Bungie takes the feedback fans gave and stepped it up a few notches for the second Expansion – Warmind.

FUN FACTOR - This adds some fun elements to the game, but you will see all the new story and content pretty quickly.
GRAPHICS - Not much change from the base Destiny 2 experience. The new area is nice, and some great visuals but nothing over the top new.
SOUND - Much like the graphics, the sound is great and the voice acting is good, but nothing that really stepped it up from the first game.
MULTIPLAYER - You can enjoy this expansion singly player, but the end game is defiantly set up for groups just like the base game. A dedicated player can get through all the single player content in an afternoon as well.
SINGLE PLAYER - New content with raids, heroic strikes and PvP modes keep the teamwork game going.
CONTROLS - Just like the base game, if bungie stumbles in some things, the feel and quality of the controls and gunplay is not one of them. Tight, great felling and responsive.
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