Call of Duty World War II

With the latest Call of Duty, World War II returns… and old problems

When you start talking about new Call of Duty parts, you are either ridiculed or mocked. Not without reason, because for years there has been no progress in either gameplay or graphics. Repeatedly occurring bugs and server problems are the daily routines. Since the latest part, it has become even more difficult to join a game or find a lobby. Shortly after the release of CoD WWII, the servers had collapsed and the game was virtually unplayable. Only the story mode, which is relatively good, could be played. For a game like Call of Duty and Activision, which makes millions of dollars in profit every year, these servers are a shame.


Which bugs are known?

Especially on the PC there are many amazing bugs. So weapons suddenly become invisible, players can walk through walls, the game suddenly freezes, orders are not displayed, the connection is suddenly disconnected and weapons cannot be leveled up. These are just a few bugs that have appeared since the latest update. If you find any other bugs after the update, please comment. How can it be that a game which is based on the same engine every year and which spills a lot of money into the cashier’s accounts still contains so many mistakes?

Here they have summarized again in the video:

For many gamers, CoD is a pool for underage noobs

Who doesn’t know them… the memes all around Call of Duty. Wild insults or players playing music in their mics. What sounds like a bad joke is unfortunately completely normal with CoD. It is not for nothing that there are many players of Battlefield, Rainbow Six or other ego-shooters, who can’t take Call of Duty and its community seriously. Anyone who has ever played in multiplayer will have had this experience.

DLCs and Premium Currencies at Call of Duty

For years, Activision has been earning very well from selling paid DLC in the form of maps. Not only for normal multiplayer, but also for zombie mode. For example, maps such as “Cinema of the Dead” (CoD: Black Ops) are offered for sale for newer versions of the game. So already existing content will be resold. It’s a pretty good business model. Another business model that is booming is the sale of premium currencies such as Call of Duty Points. Boxes can then be opened where weapons or other items are in them. Not only do you ask the players to buy the game for about $50, but they also offer micro-transactions and DLCs “upsells”.



The Call of Duty Franchise is one of the bestsellers every year and every year the gamers are disappointed. Instead of improving the game or making it error-free, however, DLCs are increasingly being offered or micro-transactions expanded. Here the gamers are mercilessly gutted. As with other games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2, the manufacturers are only concerned with maximizing profits and not the fun of playing. This leads to a conflict between the gamers, who expect a high-quality game (to be right, because they spend a lot of money on it) and the manufacturers, who want to make the greatest possible profit with the least effort.


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