Treyarch undoubtedly redeemed itself with the release of Call of Duty: WaW. It successfully brought the franchise back into the World War II vein without turning the game into an enormous failure like Call of Duty 3.

Now, after the release of their latest blockbuster title, Treyarch has released a pack of 4 maps; 3 for competitive play and 1 for the addictive Nazi Zombie co-op mode. If you don’t feel like reading the rest of the article, our verdict is simple: BUY!

The three competitive maps are certainly the highlight of the pack. Station, this reviewer’s personal favorite, is a medium-sized, close-quarters heavy map that takes place in a subway station, the roof of which has collapsed to provide the high ground and allow an entry point for artillery strikes.

It’s rather common to have an entire team scurrying around with SMGs and rifles, but skilled snipers will find that the map is very well designed as far as giving clear lanes to allow bolt actions to be used effectively. The gameplay is intense and does a very good job of keeping you on your toes, with side passages everywhere that can easily be used to flank you.

Definitely a great map for competitive play, where teamwork is necessary to control the other team’s movement and funnel them into the main kill zone. The map is definitely suited for team deathmatch play, but other respawn game types like Domination, War, and especially CTF work well here too.

Nightfire is aptly named: a medium-large map set at nighttime in an industrial village that is burning and shelled-out, this map is fun for all types of players. Snipers can set up with Bouncing Bettys on the top stories of the garage and residential houses. While more in-your-face gamers can get their fix fighting it out on the lower floors and back alleyways. Watch that middle opening though, it’s an absolute deathtrap.

Nightfire does have its flaws though; the map has frequent issues with spawns. It happens all too often: you die and then respawn, only to walk into a building and find a couple of guys who quickly gun you down again. But, such as Call of Duty, and these spawns are often escapable.


It’s in no way a game-crippling or map-ruining feature, it’s just that a bit more testing this map on Treyarch’s part wouldn’t have hurt. The map shines most in Search and Destroy, so fans of that game type will certainly appreciate the highly tactical planning it requires to play this map effectively.

Knee Deep, a spiritual successor to god-awful CoD 4 DLC map Creek, it easily the weakest map of the three. While spawn issues are rare on Station and unobtrusive on Nightfire, you will often find yourself instantly caught in rifle fire on the uptake.

In an effort to put you closer to the action, the game spawns you at a reasonable distance from your teammates. Which usually drops you right in the middle of an enemy flank. The map is dominated by an obelisk that gives a vantage point on the whole map and is definitely extended. Respawn-heavy games are ideal here, particularly domination. Although as the map is learned better and better it could develop the potential for Search and Destroy and the other object types.

However, like Creek, this map pales in comparison to its alternatives. Geared towards snipers, maintaining a balance of rushers and support classes is an indispensable tactic in keeping opponents on the short end of the stick.

The new competitive maps do a good job of giving players the opportunity to play like they wish, rarely forcing everyone into one specific play style, even on Knee Deep. However, it’s Verrückt or Zombie Asylum that is going to breathe life back into the rapidly deflating balloon of Nazi Zombie co-op.

cod 5 waw map pack screen gameplay

Because it has more enclosed area than Airfield, players now have more defenses and room to work with. To counter these massive advantages, the game splits players up at the start and encourages them to unlock more area and reactivate the building’s power before they can regroup and take full advantage of the asylum.

There’s also cola machines scattered around that grant the player abilities, ranging from Perks like Double Tap to enhanced abilities like instant revives. And let’s not forget the sickening yet satisfying electric fence.

Gamers who want to breathe new life into their $60 purchase can do so for 10 bucks, and we here at GF highly encourage you to do so.

At the end, you can use CoD: WaW cheats for the maps if it’s too difficult for you.