BioShock, a first-person shooter from 2007, was released on the PC and the Xbox360. The game forge 2K Boston has managed to mix horror and action in this first-person shooter and brought a game to market that has never seen before.

Platform(s)PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Mac OS X, iOS, PS4, Xbox One
Publisher2K Games
Developer(s)2K Boston, 2K Australia
GenreFirst-person shooter
ReleaseAugust 21, 2007
ESRB-rating-Mature-17+MATURE - Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

In BioShock, the player takes control of the main character Jack, who sits in the intro sequence in a plane that crashes in the sea shortly afterward. Jack, as the only survivor, rescues himself into a mysterious lighthouse, which stands in the middle of the sea and happens to be right next to the crash site. After entering this building, Jack discovers a diving bell. He naturally comes and shortly afterward is pressed under water.

Andrew Ryan, founder, and builder of the city of Rapture introduces himself on a monitor on board. Soon after that, the monitor disappears, and the player realizes he is on the seabed. A proud city spreads out in front of him. Fish, octopus, and whales swim by, colorful neon signs hang on every skyscraper, and everything looks fantastic.

The Rapture, the city in the sea. At least it was before some incidents suddenly changed the lives of the people of Raptures. It will also be felt by Jack as soon as he arrives at the docking station. Through the glass window, you can see how a kind of mutant kills a “normal” person. These “splicers” were as usual in their previous lives as Jack was, but they decided to take splice, a kind of drug that changed their lives completely.


It’s one of the countless shocking moments in the game that occur unexpectedly and then get completely under your skin. Since BioShock is an FSK 18 version, the blood is allowed to splatter, flow into puddles and stick to the walls throughout the game.

Jack is not powerless against the mutants, of course. He gets help via radio from a resident of Raptures called Atlas. He maneuvers Jack through the vast underwater metropolis and also wants his family to save from the monsters. The arsenal at BioShock consists of a pistol, machine gun, shotgun and other weapons that are not revealed here to keep the tension high. Similar like in the BioShock Infinite.

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Besides this frequent use of firearms, the player can upgrade himself with the help of so-called plasmids. These are skills that are necessary for the course of the game and player can use it anytime. The first skill the player learns is the electric shock attack. If several enemies are standing in a puddle of water at the same time, Jack strikes with an electric shock and the liquid passes the electric shock on and sizzles through accurately.

Furthermore, you can use fire and ice. The telekinesis capability gives the player the option to shoot objects through the area and thus also at enemies. However, these abilities, like the weapon ammunition, are not unlimited. It’s hardly a problem as items such as suitcases or handbags can be searched everywhere in the different levels.

In addition to ammunition and EVE syringes, you can find medipacks, potato chips, cigarettes or alcohol bottles. The EVE syringes fill up the EVE bar, which gradually runs out with the constant use of special abilities. However, Jack should be careful about alcohol and cigarette consumption, as in real life, as it gnaws at the EVE bar.

However, the player is continuously tempted to drink the bottles of alcohol empty, as this creates a blur effect to simulate drunkenness. In the meantime, the player also finds machines, such as “The Circus of Values.” You can buy both medicine and ammunition.

Telekinesis skills can be improved and increased as the game progresses. For this, however, a substance called „ADAM“ must be found, which the Little Sisters bring with them. These figures appear in the form of little dark girls with glowing eyes, who would undoubtedly be easily defeated if their bodyguard were not always close to their side.

The Big Daddy, one of the most influential opponents in the game. These fighting machines take a lot of ammunition and attack at lightning speed with a high force. If Jack has managed to kill such a Big Daddy, or “Mr.Bubbles,” as the Little Sisters like to call him, the little girls stand powerless. Now Jack has to decide whether to suck out the girls’ entire supply of „ADAM“ and kill them or just part of it to spare the Little Sisters’ lives and make them an ordinary girl again.

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No matter how the player decides, he has a certain amount of „ADAM“ and can now convert it into powers or abilities such as faster hacking or several other bonuses. Hacking makes it possible. For example, to bring security robots to their side so that they can attack the mutants. You must complete a small mini-game by arranging tubes so that a liquid can flow from A to B without hitting an obstacle.

Another and often used way of hacking is to neutralize the security cameras. If the player succeeds in reprogramming them successfully, the security robots attack the enemies that are sighted by the camera. The player can watch this spectacle in peace and then search the corpses for goods. At BioShock, intelligence often leads to the most straightforward and most convenient destination.


If the player blesses time in the meantime, he can respawn via Vital Chamber, just like in a multiplayer game. These chambers are very numerous in the game, and you can use it at will. Meaning, BioShock is a demanding game, but not survival horror. Since this makes the game quite easy to master, this could be the only negative point of criticism. The story at BioShock and the entire atmosphere feels like an exotic variety.

Although Jack is in the underwater city throughout the game, there is no monotony here. The locations in the game are always different regarding construction, design, and effects.

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Also worth mentioning are the characters, who can enjoy both a bizarre and fantastic design. They are first-class animated, react with the environment by throwing things around and are visually almost all different from each other.

Effects, such as the first-class water reflections, can hardly be better represented. Another unique aspect of BioShock is the interaction with the environment. The player can destroy almost everything that is in the background and can partially also do entertaining things. For example, you can play different instruments such as a piano or guitar.


The BioShock game remains constant on the screen despite sensory overloads and offers no jerks or hangers. BioShock is indeed one of the most graphically elaborate and exciting titles ever published for the Xbox360. The sound backdrop indeed freezes the blood in the player’s veins when the 5.1 system is switched on.

Noises come from all corners and give an idea where the opponents are, but why don’t they go out of their hiding place? Simply great done! The soundtrack on BioShock is also really cinematic, which can often only be heard quietly in the background, but gives a hint of upcoming events. Well-known tracks from the 1950s, such as Frank Sinatra’s “Somewhere Beyond The Sea,” which is a cheerful piece of music, add atmospheric depth to BioShock.

Concerning control technology, BioShock is also not of bad parents. Like any other first-person shooter on the Xbox360, you can control BioShock. The right shoulder button fires the weapon. The left shoulder button fires the selected psy ability. These can be changed both with “LB” and “RB.” Using analog sticks, you move Jack through the individual sections. Here, as in almost all other points, no wishes remain unfulfilled.


It is a thrilling gaming experience, which is suitable for fans of the horror, fantasy or sci-fi genres, for first-person shooter fanatics but also for beginners. The base on which BioShock moves is in no way new, but it is the exciting gameplay, the many effects and the gigantic atmosphere that make this game a colossal adventure.

The player is tied up from beginning to end, either want to play again from the start to find undiscovered areas or waits eagerly for a second part, which is supposedly already under development. Every Xbox360 owner should have this title due to the gameplay, the shock effects, the creative story and all other reasons that speak for this game.

A multiplayer mode is missing, but the solo mode is twice as good, which hopefully was made clear in this review. As an exclusive extra, you can download new features for Jack for free via XBox-Live. BioShock is just knifepoint away from the perfection that we hope to see soon at BioShock 2.

FUN FACTOR - Although this is a first game in series, BioShock provides extremely quality gameplay.
GRAPHICS - One of the most graphically elaborate and exciting titles ever published for the Xbox360.
SOUND - Freezes the blood in the player's veins.
SINGLE PLAYER - Even without multiplayer, single player is twice as good.
CONTROLS - Works awesome without any difficulties.
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