the elder scrolls online

One of the most important games in the gaming history, The Elder Scrolls saga, released some of the biggest titles ever, such as Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim. Their capital project is online MMO RPG released in 2014.

The game has million monthly players and is liked by critics and fans as well. So, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios are releasing new things almost every weekend. One of them is new dungeon on its Dragon Bones DLC – Scalecaller Peak and the ancient Dwarven ruin of Fang Lair.

Those two means new dragons to fight, which is one the most important parts of Skyrim and Online game. Problem isn’t even pricing – 1500 crowns or 15 dollars.

Bethesda announced their release of free Update 17 with “an outfit system that allows you to customize your character’s appearance to your liking regardless of what gear they’re wearing. It looks pretty robust, and you’ll pay gold to change the look of your helmet, chest, shoulders, hands, waist, legs, feet and weapons individually.” And ‘skills advisor tool’.

They are also talking about some bigger changes, reserved for future versions. So, we just need to wait.