super mario odyssey new update-mode-costumes

Nintendo of America sent out a tweet letting everyone know, a new update for Super Mario Odyssey is live. This update adds a new mode, called Luigi’s Balloon world. Three new outfits for Mario and 2 new filters in the photo mode.

Luigi’s balloon world is a new, asynchronous multiplayer mode. One player has 30 seconds to hide balloons on a game level. Later, another player is then challenged to find the hidden balloons for a coin prize.

The three costumes in the game are a “musician outfit” (a reddish suit and hat), a Mario sunshine themed resort outfit and a set of knight armor. All of these outfits can be purchased from the in-game store with coins like any other outfit in the game. The update also added two new filters called Coin and Neon.

This update was first previewed in a January and is rumored to not to be the last update of this type for the popular Mario game. Coin makes everything appear as if stamped on a coin, and Neon is a psychedelic outline mode for your in-game screen grabs.

The Luigi’s Balloon world mini-game promise to bring interesting challenges to the Mario gaming, joining the popular Racing mini-game in the game that has a strong niche following on gaming streams showing off the best times.

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