The games from Deadalic are becoming more and more demanding. Whether the Pillars of the Earth or the upcoming State of Mind game, they tell compelling and gripping stories. Finally, the German game developer has revealed when State of Mind will be released.

State of Mind for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will be released in summer and August 2018, respectively. The console version costs just under $30.

State of Mind sends you to Berlin in 2048, in the role of journalist Richard Nolan, who openly criticizes the world, as she did in 2048. Crime, air and water pollution, overpopulation and disease are on the agenda. Topics such as artificial intelligence are no longer a dream of the future.

State of Mind will captivate you for almost 15 hours in front of your screens. Another trailer for the game was released today.


  1. Is that again some remake or? really sick of remakes. they don’t know how to make new games or what?

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