You will surely have noticed by now that there will be Quick Time Events in Spider-Man for the PS4. It is the result of previous gameplay videos. And that’s what worries some players.

Their concerns: If there were too many Quick Time events in Spider-Man, it could become a problem. For example, one fan said to Insomniac Games on Twitter:

The game looks good, but sometimes feels extremely script-like, with lots of QTEs and dramatic film sequences. “If the entire game is so full from mission to mission, it could become a problem.

The studio replied:

Have you seen a single QTE in Game Informer material? Only a very, very small part of the game consists of such cinematic sequences.

In other words, don’t worry, we won’t be flooded with QTEs at Spider-Man.

Here are the corresponding tweets:

As soon as we have more information about Spider-Man, you’ll get it from us.