has reported that they spoke with a Rep from Sony about our report from yesterday “PlayStation 4 Plan Details Leaked.” The Sony rep. “Flatly denied there’s any truth to it.” However the report had already taken the web by storm.

The ideas presented in the translated blog seemed very well thought out. They seek to reduce manufacturing costs for the PS4 by basing the it off of the existing PS3 technology. Sony has seen high manufacturing costs for both the PS2 and PS3 hurt profits during the first few years of the respective consoles life cycles. Basing the PS4 off of the PS3 technology would drastically reduce manufacturing costs, which would allow a lower retail price.

For now we will take Sony on their word that the leak plans are false, but one has to wonder if the report is false, does Sony see potential in the idea? We’ll keep an eye out for anymore leads on this story in the future.


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