Fans of Shenmue have reason to celebrate: While the third part is still a long time coming, Sega has announced Shenmue I and II for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Studio Ys Net will release the classics together with Deep Silver later this year.

And that’s what Shenmue is all about:

In 1986, the young martial artist Ryo Hazuki returns to his father Iwao Hazuki’s dojo – and witnesses him being murdered by a Chinese man named Lan Di. Lan Di steals a mysterious artifact called Mirror of the Dragon. Ryo swears to avenge his father and follows the trail of Lan Di.

Here are the features:

The best Shenmue experience

  • Breakthrough Dreamcast classics on PC for the first time
  • Improved user interface
  • Choice of modern or classic controls
  • Japanese voice output available to an international audience for the first time
  • Fully customizable screen resolution
  • An epic legend

A story of revenge on a huge stage

  • Solve the mystery surrounding your father’s murder
  • An experience you will never forget
  • The world feels alive

Talk to everyone and search the world for clues

  • NPCs lead independent lives with their schedules
  • Careful reproductions of Japan and Hong Kong of the 1980s
  • Take a break and play arcade games, find collectibles, visit duck races and more

My recommendation: If you missed Shenmue so far, you should not miss the new edition.