The gameplay director of , Vincent Monnier, and lead writer Jill Murray revealed more about the sequel. Accordingly, they want to do without trial and error in gameplay. There will also be several hubs in the game.

So in the vast and dangerous challenge graves, players won’t have to try everything until they come up with the solution or die to understand what the game expects of them. Together with the co-op mode, this could make the graves particularly interesting.

We avoid trial and error, where you have to die to understand what happens. What we have used from the beginning of the trilogy is fiddling. It’s usually about manipulating the physics of objects and finding out: Oh, okay, if I move it there and do that, it works, but if I do that, I die. That’s why players usually don’t feel cheated by the game because they always can anticipate every danger.

A living hub

The developers also talk about several hubs. The biggest of the series so far is expected to change in the course of the game depending on our decisions. We can use it to get a better and more personal view of the culture in play, not just with the artifacts in mind, but about interacting with people and living with them together. The hub is responding to the living world, so developers can work more with how we play and what we have achieved in the course of the game.

We already played Shadow of the Tomb Raider and recorded our first impression in the preview. The new part will be released on September 14th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.