Bethesda has officially unveiled RAGE 2. You can find the complete trailer in our separate news about the announcement of the shooter. Gameplay excerpts will follow tomorrow.

Original announcement: Rage 2 will most likely be unveiled today, May 14, 2018. Until recently, very few people would have expected a report on the shooter sequel, as there was no concrete evidence of it. In the last few days, however, there has been an accumulation of hints.

In response to the alleged Walmart-leak, Bethesda and the official Rage Twitter account not only countered with humor. They also posted an almost unmistakable message a few hours ago that the announcement trailer is waiting for us on Monday, today.

Parts of the touching video found, however, already unofficially their way into the net. A short live-action-trailer was leaked on YouTube. He doesn’t show any gameplay, but a lot of bizarre and colorful characters preparing for their next fight. The leaked video is now offline again.

The post-apocalyptic predecessor Rage was released in 2011 and combined first-person shooter elements with racing game sequences. Probably Rage 2 also comes with a similar genre mix.

The platforms on which Rage 2 will be released have not yet been mentioned in the trailer. But we can assume that more information about the new shooter will become known during the day with the official revealing.