The new PS4 update has been released and it offers new features and functions to the PlayStation 4 family of consoles. Including better harnessing the power of the Pro for older games, family management, and Library organization.

On the PlayStation Pro, Supersampling mode has been added. When enabled, this will improve the image quality on some games when you are playing on a TV with 2K or lower resolution such as 1080P.

A parent account on the PS4 can now monitor a child account’s playtime and set restrictions. You can also view your child’s total time played for the day, limit how long your child plays per day, and set playable hours to prevent the play at night or other unwanted times. These can be set for each day of the week.


When the set playtime is over, a notification appears repeatedly on the screen to let the account know child know that they’re out of time. If you choose, the PlayStation 4 can automatically log the child account out when the time is up as well. The parent account can also increase or decrease the time allowed for a one-time bonus. Good for punishment/reward type systems. These can also be managed by using the website or the PlayStation smartphone app.

The Library option on PlayStation is getting some new options as well. You can now hide items from the list that you no longer want or use such as betas and promotional items. It will now tell you if you are a PS Plus subscriber and list what games you got free from that service. There is also an easier sorting for PlayStation VR games in your library and home screen as they will get their own icon.

In other smaller changes, you can now customize logos and backgrounds with your favorite images from a USB stick including a background image for the home screen, the friends list has been given a revamp and you can now choose who can view the list of players you follow and who can view the list of your followers separately. The music playback functions on the quick menu have been improved as well, and the notifications screen allows you to delete items now.

supersampling mode ps pro

There are some great changes on this list, especially the supersampling and family management functions. I am also happy I am finally able to hide those 10 or so now defunct beta tests from my library list as well.

Take that new Supersampling and see if it makes new PlayStation games, Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Come Deliverance, any better!