A modification for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that allows PC or laptop players to switch to a third-person perspective at any time is released. The mod still has some problems, but it’s cool to be able to experience the world of medieval open-world role-playing from a new perspective.

The mod currently only works with keyboard and mouse – gamepads are not yet supported. Apart from that, the modder recommends using a gaming mouse with five or more buttons.

As already mentioned: This mod is not yet perfect. For example, the camera still wanders through floors and walls. Also, in third-person mode, players cannot interact with objects high above them or under their feet (for example, when collecting herbs).

Archery is not supported (since you cannot aim in the third-person view) and while you are fighting, you cannot make combos.

If you still want to try out the mod, you can download the corresponding data via this link.