Vikings become a fashion due to its well-known TV show on History Channel. Video game studios ride on hype’s wave. Well, what is left to be hyped on the topic.

Shiro Games studio’s new title Northgard is out in the first week of March. The artwork in the game footage and photos really pumped the hype behind the game.

If Odin played Early Access strategy games, I imagine he’d be pleased. Claiming Thor’s Wrath will please the hammer-wielding god of thunder, granting you an attack boost and Northgard has a release date.

Northgard on steam in march

The game will have new 11 chapter. A single player campaign is settled in the saga of Rig’s mythology. The Northgard is the huge continent where the main character goes after his father’s murder.

Just as the Vikings did much more than the pillaging they’re infamous for, Northgard offers several paths to victory. Some of them don’t even require you to bury axes in your enemies’ skulls. You can win a Trade victory by making a certain amount of money selling resources you have a surplus of to the other chieftains on the map.

The game developer’s words are motivational for buying the game – price is 23.79$.


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