unlisted switch games

The E3 2018 is slowly but surely casting its shadows ahead. The number of possible leak reports – such as the current Walmart leak – is rising, speculations about new announcements are skyrocketing. And sometimes system entries also cause a stir at game retailers.

15 unknown Nintendo Switch games listed without title


Concrete names are not mentioned, however; the individual titles are merely described with “Available SKU (available stock unit).” They may, therefore, be placeholders. However, the prices, almost $60 each, point to large productions and no indie titles.

What precisely the system entries are about can only be speculated, and it remains to be seen whether Nintendo announces 15 new titles. By the time the E3 2018 starts in June at the latest, we will all be smarter.

The E3 2018 will take place from 12 June to 14 June. Of course, we are at the start on site as well as at home in front of the computers and keep you up to date!