nintendo switch new sales record march 2018

It’s no longer a secret that the Nintendo Switch is a huge success. Within a year it has sold itself more often than any other game console before it! But how could it happen that the Nintendo Switch was so well used, while its predecessor, the Wii U, was one of the worst sellers?

The Switch was sold 14.8 million times worldwide, 4.8 million of which in the USA and more than 3.3 million in Japan alone. This has succeeded even without any advantage (e. g. during the school holidays). They were able to break their own record that they set with the Nintendo Wii back then. Wii had previously set the record as the fastest selling console in the US.

The Nintendo Switch was sold more often in the first year than the Wii U as a whole! Now the question is: Was the Wii U that bad or is the Nintendo Switch so good? With the Switch, Nintendo was not only able to keep up with its competitors Sony and Microsoft, but also had the disadvantage of making the switch appear much later than its competitors. At almost the same time, Microsoft has released the Xbox One X and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Nevertheless, the Switch has emerged from this competition as an unconditional winner.

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Consoles Sales Graph

But how did Nintendo Switch become such a big success? A video game classics like Mario and definitely Zelda as one of the greatest Nintendo’s game classics have already attracted a very large fan community. Add to this the usefulness of the console. Either as a game console at home or on the road. The Switch has set new standards in flexibility. Players can play anywhere, anytime. This concept worked out mercilessly well. The marketing team also delivered a flawless good performance. TV and Internet commercials showed very well what the strengths of the Nintendo Switch are and how flexible the console is.

The launch of the Switch is an example of how important marketing and innovation are. It is very important to offer players a new added value, to stand out from the competition. While Sony and Microsoft are betting on the traditional home game console, Nintendo has dared to try something new.

Some people have called the console a “handheld” or “smartphone replacement”, but these critics have stopped very quickly. Everything that looked like a weakness turned out to be strength later. In addition to games such as The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, other popular games such as Rocket League and Payday 2 appeared right after the console’s release. The price of 299.99$ was first called overpriced, but quickly everyone noticed how practical, flexible and fun the Nintendo Switch is.


  1. Nintendo Switch is a great console and so simple and practical to have. Comparing to Wii U, difference is huge.

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