Nintendo survived the month of December outstandingly. The Nintendo Switch sold out a record-breaking number of times in December. This could be due to the Christmas business on the one hand and the extremely popular games console itself on the other.

According to the NPD Group (American market research institute), the Nintendo Switch was sold 1.5 million times a month in December. This makes the switch the best selling console in the USA. Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that Switch was the fastest selling console in the US. Since its launch in March 2017, more than 4.9 million game consoles have been sold in the USA.


Not only the switch was successfully sold, but also the Nintendo 3DS. According to Nintendo, the 3DS was sold 780,000 times in December. That is 28% more than last year at the same time. The most sold game for the Switch was Super Mario Odyssey. According to Nintendo, this puts it in third place among the best-selling console games in December.

With the Nintendo Labo, the Japanese have now landed the next big coup.

It is a carton-like system that can interact with the Nintendo Switch. The player can fold the “Labo box” as he wants. Instructions, guides and ideas are included. Nintendo has released a video showing the flexibility and application possibilities of the Labo. There are no limits for the player. Labo is to be published on April 20,2018.

Once again Nintendo shows how innovative they are. The target group remains mainly younger gamers, whereas old gamers might also like Nintendo Labo. Finally, there are a lot of “Retro Gamer” who grew up with Nintendo and still sit down in front of the SNES, Gameboy or N64.

We remain curious!

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