Nintendo Labo is available for Nintendo Switch for a week now in the US. That’s why Nintendo is showing the launch trailer. Further videos about the product launch are also available. Also, you can read our extensive Labo review and find out everything you want to now about Nintendo Labo.

The title says: “Nintendo Labo is a new product line that combines traditional handicrafts with modern video games. It invites you to make, play and discover interactively and appeals to both creative minds and playful minds. Together with the separately available Nintendo Switch console, the various Nintendo Labo kits provide all the tools and technology to create both fun and lively toys out of cardboard. In addition to the fun of handicrafts and play, there is the joy of discovery when small ideas become a reality with the help of Nintendo Switch”.

Three essential elements of the Nintendo Labo experience

  1. Make: The players transform modular cardboard craft sheets into interactive toys, the so-called Toy-Con. Merely insert the software card into the Nintendo Switch, and an interactive building instruction will appear on the device. Among other things, a piano with 13 keys, a motorbike handlebar, and a robot suit can be made.
  2. Play: Once assembled, players connect their Toy-Con creatively to their Nintendo Switch and controllers, the so-called Joy-Con, and can experience different games.
  3. Discover: Finally, players learn how Nintendo Switch technology works on the various Toy-Cons. In Toy-Con Workshop mode, they can develop entirely new game variations with the Toy-Con. For example, by remotely controlling the RC car using a fishing rod or making music with the motorcycle handlebar. You even have the opportunity to make your Toy-Con – from material found in every household. Besides, they can decorate their Toy Con creations with stickers, stickers, crayons, etc. according to their taste.

“Our goal is to put a smile on everyone’s face which comes into contact with Nintendo,” says Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe. “Nintendo Labo invites young and old discoverers and inventors to make, play and discover with Nintendo Switch in new ways. I hope that many people will enjoy trying the kits with the whole family – with a big smile on their faces”.

The Variety Kit

You can make five different Toy-Cons with the Variety Kit. The Toy-Con RC car, the Toy-Con angel, the Toy-Con house, the Toy-Con motorcycle and the Toy-Con piano.

  • Toy-Con RC car: The vibrations of the Joy-Con power the RC car. Thanks to the infrared camera on the right Joy-Con, it can follow a course marked with a reflective band – even in the dark. The kit contains handicraft sheets for two RC cars. So two friends, if they have four Joy-Con, can race against each other.
  • Toy-Con angel: The players make a fishing rod with a crank in which a motion-sensitive Joy-Con is integrated. Now it’s time to fish as many exotic fish as possible that seem to float behind the screen of the Nintendo Switch console. In aquarium mode – accessible via the Toy-Con piano – all caught fish can be admired. With the help of the piano, you can also create your colorful fish.
  • Toy-Con house: The house has different entrances on the sides and in the floor. By pushing matching blocks into these entrances, players can interact with their cute housemate in many ways, such as playing with him or feeding him. The cute fantasy creature appears on the Nintendo Switch screen. In the fireplace of the house is the right Joy-Con. The infrared camera detects each block and thus enables the various interactions.
  • Toy-Con motorcycle: Like a real motorcycle, players have to turn the right handlebar grip to accelerate. Also, the steering works like the big original: move the handlebars and put something on the curve. Players race over a wide variety of race tracks – both those that have already been set up and those that the players themselves have designed.
  • Toy-Con piano: If you have assembled this beautiful piano and connected it to the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Con, you can create your melodies by tapping into the 13 keys. Also, you can produce entirely new tones and sound effects with the aid of rotary knobs.

The Robot Kit

Toy-Con Robots: The Robot Kit contains everything the players need to make their robot suit – including backpack and visor helmet. As soon as they slip it over, they take over control of a giant robot on the TV screen. In Robot mode they smash buildings and UFOs. In the Robo Studio they create sound effects, and in the garage, they can modify the in-game robot at will. Two friends, each with their Robot Kits and Joy Con pairs, can even fight each other in multiplayer mode, yet if they only have one Nintendo Switch console available.


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