Nintendo Labo will be out for the Switch in a few days. That’s why “Nintendo Minute” deals with the subject.

In the latest episode of “Nintendo Minute,” Nintendo Labo has now been extensively introduced. There is a little unboxing, and the features are explained. “Nintendo Labo” will be launched in Europe on April 27, 2018, for the Switch. US version is released 2 days ago on April 20, 2018.

The title says:

Nintendo Labo is a new product line that combines traditional handicrafts with modern video games. It invites you to build, play and discover interactively and appeals to both creative minds and playful minds. Together with the separately available Nintendo Switch console, the various Nintendo Labo sets provide all the tools and technology to create both fun and lively toys out of cardboard. In addition to the fun of handicrafts and play, there is the joy of discovery when mere ideas become a reality with the help of Nintendo Switch.