Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini was a complete success, and so was the SNES Classic Mini. Both systems are still selling well. So it’s a no-brainer for Nintendo to continue the success and do the same thing again with the N64 Classic Mini.

After all, the N64 is another classic console rifle on foot, whose playful milestones are just waiting to be unleashed on humanity again. A new trademark protection entry in Japan suggests that it won’t be long now.

Nintendo files a new trademark application for the N64

Nintendo reports that Nintendo has had a trademark entry made in Japan. The brand protection refers to the console itself, but also to the controller and an ominous joystick. The entry in the Japanese original does not offer any other details about a possible release period, the price or the games.


The timing for an N64 Classic Mini is perfect

Even though there is no official announcement yet, the whole thing looks very suspicious: Nintendo has also filed mini-similar trademark protection applications in the run-up to the NES and SNES Classic. Almost exactly two years ago the NES Classic Mini was unveiled, one year later the SNES new edition. The E3 2018 is about to start, so Nintendo’s next Classic edition may be revealed soon.

Nintendo is looking for new ways to offer old games

Not so long ago it became known that Nintendo would say goodbye to the Virtual Console brand once and for all. It means that the company is looking for other ways to sell its classics to men, women and everyone else. An N64 Classic Mini – or even the Game Boy Classic Mini – would fit well into Nintendo’s plans.


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