The latest Modern Warfare 2 Details were published in the latest issue of PSM3, a UK Based Magazine.

  • Swimming mode enabled.
  • A ‘Stealthy’ Oil pipeline Scuba Mission will be included in campaign mode.
  • A level will definetly be based in Rio De Janeiro.
  • Siberian Level will feature in campaign mode.
  • Vehicles (e.g. Trucks, Tanks etc.) will be introduced into the Modern Era.
  •  ‘Helicopter Based’ Level will be featured.
  • An Oil Tanker level will also be featured.
  • Ken Lally (Wesker from Resident Evil 5) will be voice acting. Most likely as a Russian villain.

More details and a new gameplay trailer will be revealed on May 24th. Follow here to read about COD: Modern Warfare 4.


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