PSM3 Magazine (Based in the UK) seems to be getting a lot of new details in. First with the new Modern Warfare 2 Details 2 days ago, and now we have some new MAG (Massive Action Game) Details. The details were published in PSM3’s latest magazine.

  • Top Rank = Officer In Charge (OIC)
  • OIC’s will be able to call in Airstrikes, Reveal enemy positions or jam their radar.
  • ‘Platoon Leaders’ control a team of 32.
  • ‘Squad Leaders’ control a team of 7.
  • No in-built class system.
  • Skill Points (SP) will be rewarded for for working with team-mates.
  • The game was originally third-person but switched to first to ‘increase-immersion’.

No in-built System?

There is no in-built class system in the game because you have the ability to create a player to your own playing style. You can be a demolitions expert, a sniper, or an all-rounder – pretty much anything you want to be.

Skill Points?

Skill points will be rewarded for working with your team-mates. The MAG Developers don’t want you to just think about ditching your squad and going rogue.

So there you go. It’s sounding exciting. The inspired experiance system should keep things civilised in the game. If your worried about the graphics from the first screenshots, don’t worry they will be better when released. It could turn out to be the PlayStation 3’s premier online shooter, well, it certainly has the potential at the moment.

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